Has Salman Khan lost his charm at the box-office?

Has Salman Khan lost his charm at the box-office?
Yogen Shah

Salman’s recent release Jai Ho has failed at the box-office. Does this mean that Salman is not the favorite Khan anymore?

Salman Khan returned to the silver screen after a long gap of over a year with Jai Ho. It was almost presumed that the movie would get the cash registers ringing and smash all records. But neither Salman, nor his legion of fans would have imagined a poor box-office collection of Jai Ho, which is directed by Sallu’s brother Sohail Khan.

Surprisingly, Jai Ho has failed to receive a dhamaakedar response from the masses as compared to Sallu’s earlier flicks like Ek Tha Tiger, Wanted, Dabangg and various others. So does that mean that the Dabangg Khan has lost his charm at the box-office? Well, we don’t know about that yet, but Sallu miyaan in a recent interview has said, that he will take the blame for Jai Ho‘s failure. “If, god forbid, the film doesn’t pick up from Monday, I’ll take the blame on me,” he said.

But what could be the possible reason behind such a poor response for Jai Ho? Are Salman’s fans still angry over his biased attitude during Bigg Boss 7? Remember how Sallu’s fans – who used to worship him – started hating him post his biased remarks on the high voltage reality show? So that could be one of the reasons for failure of Jai Ho, right? But Salman thinks otherwise and says, “It’s maybe because of the festive week or my fans don’t have the money to go to the theater,”

Wanted Khan’s disappointment doesn’t end there. He thinks that even the music of the film failed to garner any interest. “We thought music will pick up, but only two songs did good,” he said, adding that, with the songs of Yaariyan becoming a rage with the youth, Jai Ho didn’t cut much ice.

However, Salman is not bothered about the collections and is happy about the fact that his message is being received by the audience. “My mission is accomplished. People are getting the message of the film. And I am happy with the product.”

Anyway, if Jai Ho has indeed failed at the BO, there is something that Salman needs to fix to bounce back, hai na?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • sara@786

    ye to hona hi tha….
    kisne kaha tha modi ka support karne ko????
    Muslim ho Muslim ka saath do…. log yunhi sabko bhai hai bulate

    • salman

      Sahi kaha aapne sara@786

    • Vic Key

      THEN BOYCOTT big b movies ajay movies, boycottevery thing which attached with mode or Gujarat………….. salman is great human aur allah always give respect n he will give again…………..come on grow up don’t divided india in religion

  • sara@786

    salman you are good … you don’t need to support dirty politicians for your career…

  • bizpro

    This had to happen …first you fly kites with modi ..dance at saifai …then react humorously at srk accident ?
    Result is here …what message u talk about ?
    You get the message yourself first on how to be away from politicians and how to react when colleague are injured .

  • HTMan

    Faile d huh..check ur stats…as the saying goes..there’s a sip beth the cup n the lip….what I’m trying to say is Jai Ho has collected 26.25 on Sunday…and on it’s way to njoy a great week…sorry…gr8 3 weeks ahead with films like 1 by 2(??!!) … and bullshit releasing on the nxt few weeks #jaiHo!!

  • shakeer

    Salman should apologise to Muslims as he hurt all of our feelings saying modi need not apologise to us…wake up salman khan…

  • ruchir dhiman

    picture abhi baki hai mere dost abhi 3 din hi hue haii…
    salman ke fan to Thursday tak jaenge movie dekhne ??
    no 1 can beat him he is a super duper star .
    he will bounce back ..
    60% of indian youth is a die hard fan of salman salman and only salman…
    he is god of bollywood
    u can call him godfather also……guys
    Ruchir, Indore

    • Roopaiyer

      I think hereafter salman should learn a lesson or two.. Like don,t ever get mixed up with politians, however they are popular.. Don,t take sides and also being diplomatic also does not count, if he is seen with the company.. People will get furious, if the politians happens to be like modi.
      And no 2 people are sensitive and won,t forget and forgive, even though salman does his duty of performing dance in UP. And also the big mistake was being biased with few people. In big boss 7 Why should u bother who is right who is wrong in the show. U compere and go back home. People are waiting to pounce on u salman,for the slightest provocation. We all love u. Hereafter tread carefully, and learn from ur past mistakes, even though it was committed unknowingly from u. Being bindaas get u no where, learn from sharukh and Aamir they hardly get into trouble especially aamirI am a great favcf urs. Today I am going to watch ur movie. I bet I will love it

  • ruchir dhiman

    dnt bring politics in btween salman , jai ho n his fans ..plz….
    go guys enjoy the movie….

  • Sameer Sultan

    Somehow the whole thing with Modi reminds me of the character definite from GOW2, how the half muslim half Hindu sides with the Hindu mother at the end,there is nothing wrong in loving your mother & I am sure salman does it quite innocently,but being the star that you are it is also very tricky to balance it well. Being a muslim myself I feel that he is more Hindu than Muslim, we saw him dancing in the street for Ganesh but have any of you saw him in a public masjid praying on eid or whatever?
    We all know how close he is to his mother, but mama’s boy should also remember being the ultra traditional fascist he is, children in our sub continent usually follow the religion of their father. Being a secular means peaceful co-existent among all religion, I am a muslim have many Hindu friends, but they don’t expect me to do puja nor do I expect them to pray,we have mutual understanding and respect.
    And for heavens sake let go of the brothers, let them do their own thing, we are not interested to know how sohail sees you, he already had his moment, playing a traditional older brother filmi style doesn’t help you make wise decision,work with good directors, like prabhu deva, films like wanted, where he new how to bring out your inner mojo:-) it’s time for you to take baby steps out of your comfort zone. What do you have to lose now? Make stylish action flicks like the bonds. Sallu mian you are looking nice these days just don’t keep bad company. They are taking you down with them & for god sake loose the torn jeans.

    • bizpro

      Very well said ..hats off

    • Vic Key

      ur wrong madam ………..india divided .bcoz peoples like u who have narrow mind ..
      Allah said GOOD human is near to me…………..i dnt wan say on dis …..but grow up dnt divided india in religion

  • sara@786

    its not abt bringing politics…. its abt the heartlessness of a superstar…..
    wake up guys…. by just printing being human on t shirts won’t work….
    when you have power use it for the good

    • fahein

      “Heartlessness” my foot…..3-4 mistakes uski sab count krte hain lekn uski itni sari acchai ko bhi aise hi highlight kar diya karo..He has got a pure soul & a pure heart,he is v.emotnal bas yahi uski weaknss hai..

      • Mohtashim

        ha ha ha weakness, he has played with the emotions of many leading ladies and his attitude of talking to the costars had been better watched in BB7. So now he has to realise that ppl can’t tolerate his ill behaviour and bisased favourism that he did with Tanisha and Arman.
        Go to hell SALMAN

  • sara@786

    if you are real fan…. then correct him when he is wrong…..
    this is what we do to our real “bhai”

  • anshumanparashar .

    Guys I wondered when a gud movie like wanted didnt earned huge amount of money which is honestly best salman movie in past 5 yes but then he started to deteriorate the quality of his movies specially ready and bodyguard still audiences gave full support so the fall was imminent
    Salman made same mistake with jai ho he never cared about his stardom and his fans
    Actor hamesha apni pichli movie ki khaata hai.

  • Preety kaur

    oh get lost u morons jai ho collected 100 crore in 3 days world wide .. is it bad??
    even wid low ticket price .. go to hell u pathetic media ..

  • fahein

    Love u salman,sab to aise baat kar rahe hain as if SRK aur Aamir.k ki koi film average hi nhi hui hai..
    hota hai yaar,sab actors k sath ye sab chalta rhta hai..aur sabse badi baat ye non-festive season hai,jab logo k paas chutti nhi hai to vo kaise apne suprstr ko dekhne jaenge..Jai ho has come up wid a gr8 message,atleast respct that aspect of d film..collectn nvr mattrs..luv u aaaaaaaaalot salman,u r bestst..

  • Vic Key

    movies collect above 60 cr bt u media saying flop ….even rowdy rathod , made 100 cr in ten days, even yeh jawani hai dewani made above 60 cr in 3 days ,etc then how dis movie flop. chennai exp n jrish shown fake reports..

  • sara@786

    pure soul…
    1 aadmi margaya..
    4 aadmi ghayal…..

    Arey yaar its free country kisi se bhi Milo…. kahin flim promotion Karo… par bolne ki zarurat Kya hai ki modi ko sorry bolne ki zarurat nahi…
    Itne riots mar gaye.

  • sara@786

    bhai ki movie khub aage badhe…..in sha Allah……

    par bhai aapne modi se Jo kaha wo galat hai

  • sara@786

    riots Muslim ho ya hindu….

    apna dil maan na modi ko ye bone…Itne bade superstar aisa bolenge to kaisd