Has Shahid Kapoor lost hope in love?

Buzz is that the actor’s father is finding a bride for him. Is it true? Well, read on

A little birdie tells us that Shahid Kapoor’s father, Pankaj Kapur has been frequently visiting Punjab. A source close to the family says that these trips weren’t just for leisure but papa Pankaj Kapur is apparently on a bride hunt for his son, Shahid. The source says, “Pankaj is really concerned. He is keen to find a nice homely girl for his son and wants to see him settled in a year’s time.”

Hmmm… What more! Pankaj admits making frequent trips to Punjab, but adds that these trips have been for ‘other reasons.’ Though he didn’t admit he’s looking out for a bahu, he says, “It is very normal for a father to want to see his son settled. I want the same for Shahid. However, I am not actively looking out for a match for him. I will whole-heartedly support his choice of a partner.”

Our birdie chirps in, “Shahid is extremely progressive, and is on a lookout for a life partner who compliments him well. It is possible that it could be a match picked by his father since he trusts his father’s judgement more than anybody else’s.” Does that include his own judgment, we wonder.

Earlier, Shahid was in a relationship with Kareena Kapoor (now Khan) and was reportedly dating Vidya Balan and Priyanka Chopra. However, his love life seems to be jinxed and he’s only had failed relationships. We wonder if the past break-ups affect our chocolate boy in the present and that’s why he’d rather settle in with an arranged marriage. Anyways, we hope Sasha’s luck favours him (for once) and helps him find a good bride. Fingers crossed!