Has Shahrukh Khan chosen work over Gauri Khan?

Thu, October 3, 2013 6:15pm IST by
Will Shahrukh Khan miss Gauri Khan's birthday?

Being a superstar comes with a price. After Chennai Express, SRK is already busy with his next. So, will he have time for his wifey on her birthday?

Being Shahrukh Khan isn’t easy! After the release of Chennai Express, SRK barely took a few days off and then began shooting for Farah Khan’s Happy New Year with Deepika Padukone. He had recently returned to Mumbai after shooting in Dubai and now he’s already left for Auckland. He tweeted, “Good sleep does wonders to the way u look at the world. Now for a shower and then to work..Auckland feels good.”

While the actor is enjoying his stay in Auckland, we’ve been wondering if SRK will fly back to Mumbai for his wife, Gauri Khan’s birthday that falls on October 8. SRK is currently in Auckland for his three-city tour.

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  • anonym

    No, only away from home. Does Shah Rukh have no e**s in the trousers to be honest once? Everybody can see that he doesn’t carry his wedding ring any more and flees even before the birthday of his wife to Australia. He believes he would be clever, but there are more clever than him and they can think logically and have eyes in the head. The question remains, why still the third child, because the family doesn’t interest him at all, he interest only his Plastic Chopra. His image is always broken for a long time and no one does believe him his lies any more.

  • elli

    coomon they are not a high school couple to hand in each others b days .. my bf never gifted anything for me on valentines nor me
    but we r very strong

    when love is around there is no need to show off… how did u ever wonder what srk did when suhan o aryan o his sister lala’s b day na right so why this …get a life

  • Sherry khan

    I wish shahrukh all the best with his new movie