Has Shekhar Kapur stalled Paani for Aamir Khan’s Satyamev Jayate?

The Mr India director feels that the subject of his most ambitious film has already been showcased in Mr Perfectionist’s television show

It has been a few years since Shekhar Kapur announced his Hrithik Roshan-starrer Paani. The film is supposed to be about the water crisis and how people turn hostile when deprived of the life-sustaining liquid. Only recently there was a hot rumour that Danny Boyle would be producing the film, which Kapur quickly denied. Our feathered friend from the suburbs tells us that Shekhar is, in fact, now not going to make Paani. Has it been so long in the planning that the director decided not to go ahead with it? Or is it perhaps because Hrithik does not have dates to spare and/or has lost interest? We wonder…

But what we have heard is that one reason for the change in plan is Aamir Khan’s super-successful television show. Satyamev Jayate shed light on the prevailing water crisis, and buzz is that after watching that episode, Shekhar is now skeptical about Paani. One of his aides told us in a very soft whisper, “Shekhar is afraid of failing and that is one big reason he is not making films any more. He has been the face of Indian cinema in Hollywood, but of late filmmakers like Anurag Kashyap have taken over that space.”

For us, that seems not quite THE thing. Wethinks that Mr Kapur is just waiting for the right script to make his presence felt once again in the movies.

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