Has social networking reduced Amitabh Bachchan’s mystique?

He blogs, is on Twitter and has a new Facebook presence. But has all that made Amitabh Bachchan less popular?

Over the past few decades, superstardom has been a cinch for the man who was once young and angry. Today Amitabh Bachchan may have mellowed, but the aura of being someone greater than the usual definition of greatness has not faded. If anything, it now glows brighter than before. And it is far easier these days to edge up close and often very personal to that glow, courtesy social networking.

The Big B has become the expert where using social networking sites is concerned. He has been blogging for many years now, talking about everything from his health issues to his emotions on watching his new granddaughter Aaradhya wiggle her toes. He keeps track of his tweets by numbering them and sends in updates that are informative, musing, funny, occasionally annoyed, about everything from the state of the nation to the beauty of the clouds above Mumbai. And recently he started a Facebook page, marvelling at the almost instant multitude of people who signed up to ‘like’ him.

But with all this, has Bachchan become too accessible? He said recently in a television interview that it was not easy to tweet – he had to pick his words carefully and make the best use of the few characters he had to say what he wanted to say. And, he insisted, “I have not lost whatever mystique I had just because he is so available on social networks, he is simply more connected with his audience and fans.

However – and this, even though we are very pro-Bachchan – we do have a bone to pick with the Senior AB. While chatting with anchor-critic Anupama Chopra on her television show (The Front Row) a couple of weeks ago, he was talking about women and what he had to say made us gals not terribly happy. Women work at looking after their homes and families first, he said, and then, if they are so inclined, they will go out to make a career for themselves. A chauvinistic streak showing there, Mr B?