Has Sonam Kapoor forgiven Ranbir Kapoor for their break-up?

Has Sonam Kapoor forgiven Ranbir Kapoor for their break-up?

The Khoobsurat actor recently declared on Twitter that she has a girl crush on Ranbir’s current flame Katrina Kaif…

Before telling you why we think that the animosity between Ranbir Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor water under the bridge lets jog your memory regarding their relationship. Sonam and Ranbir debuted together in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Saawariya. On the sets of their debut film, Ranbir and Sonam harboured feelings for each other and that is where love blossomed. All love was lost when Ranbir decided to move to greener pastures (read Deepika Padukone). Since that the fashionista of B-Town hasn’t forgiven Ranbir…

But looks like Sonam has put the past behind her! Recently in an interview on Twitter the Khoobsurat actor said that she has a girl crush on Ranbir’s current love interest, Katrina Kaif. Now we think that Sonam might be extending the olive branch by being so generous with her praises for the Bang Bang actor.

But one thing we are certain about is that Sonam’s crush on Katrina would have taken Ranbir by surprise! Don’t you agree?

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  • madhu

    Since when did they ever date?

    • untilwhenever21

      Exactly !!. The only reason they were linked up was because of Saawariya and once promotions for that film ended it was clear that they were only friends, the media just pushed this story that they were a couple once upon a time.

  • asad abbas

    Ranbir is not type of sonam kapoor …sonam is cute girl

  • najatlovekiss

    katrina is a type of a lady both man and woman will fall in love with her, so nothing wrong with that, and remember once a upon a time sonam was also friends with ranbir ex deepika, so i dont think they dated

  • laila33

    Katrina is loved by all like boys crush women also had a crush on her. Even I’ve seen girls going lesbian for her and that is very shocked and surprise even kareena has once said to kiss katrina. Well Katrina is surely a beautiful women. Ranbir should have worried

    • Rohini Verma

      Ranbir is happily single!!!!
      Don’t believe me
      He clearly said Katrina is just an old friend
      I’m trying to offend anyone here, so please stop attacking me

  • gene222

    Sonam has a crush on women and that is katrina , not surprised bcoz i have also. katrina is definately most loved women

  • EE

    Glad Ranbir left this immature girl who talks too much unnecessary things

  • khadija hayatu

    so may be Ranbir wants sonam back! oh ok I get it he is no longer dating katrina dat is y sonam is praising her ryt?! both Ranbir and katrina are cheaters though so dey can do dat any tym don’t be surprised. Sonam is far way better than both of them she says wat is in her mind oh sorry it is not called a big mouth it is called being bold, truthful and positive.yh others can not try it can dey? Ranbir the player better go for another but nt sonam pls

  • khadija hayatu

    oh y sonam!……u look more beautiful than her of course u do u r in no way compared to her katrina only fake things in other to look se××y wic she is nt