Has the success of ‘Housefull 2′ gone to Asin’s head?

Has the success of ‘Housefull 2′ gone to Asin’s head?

The usually soft-spoken and humble gal from south seems to be constantly getting into trouble with B-towners

She made a grand entry into Bollywood with Aamir Khan’s blockbuster hit, Ghajini. Since then she has been doing very few films to the extent that she has been tagged as ‘too choosy’ for her own good. Recently when asked if she was apprehensive of doing the multi-starrer film, Housefull 2, she’d said that she had taken it up as a professional challenge. The film, though panned by the critics, has become one of the biggest hits of the year.

It seems that working with director Sajid Khan in a mad film has taken its toll on her sanity as well. Recently she got into a spat with filmmaker Sanjay Gupta. There was some bad blood between them, regarding her being approached to work in Gupta’s film, Shootout At Wadala. Apparently she wasn’t even considered to play the part and ended up being shamed by him, that too on record. The angry director said, “Asin was never approached. I think either she or her manager is delusional. She was never in the running for my film. We need a powerhouse performer for the film. So once it was clear that Vidya Balan couldn’t do the film, our only choice was Kangana Ranaut, and not Asin.”

Just when this controversy was fading away from public memory, we heard that Asin called for more trouble by turning down a film with Shahid Kapoor. While many would want to believe that she turned down the film because Shahid was going through a lean patch in his acting career, it turned out that the ‘Dhinka chika’ babe didn’t want to share screen space with another leading lady. Though the film has been shelved, rumours are that Asin’s attitude has turned off Shahid to the extent that he has decided to never work with her again.

Wethinks the path in which Asin is treading on is highly dangerous. And if she continues to irk people at this rate she might have only one man willing to work with her – Kamaal Rashid Khan aka KRK, who religiously gives her good morning and good night kiss every day, via Twitter. Don’t you think so?

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  • naveen

    Gosh, such a slanderous piece of news.. why are u out to tarnish Asin’s image? We know she is very level-headed and that’s her upbringing period!

  • Sabith

    Why are you people targeting Asin.. What she had done wrong…. She has freedom to do anything……. She is our Salman’s bhai friend…

  • dilu

    Never…this is utter crap story

  • Boss

    Do you a**holes even do research before you print a story. Everything you wrote has been proven wrong by other media sources already. D***heads.

  • Midhun appachath

    She is such a talented actress nd down 2 earth girl.Spreading baseless roumers won’t prevent her 4m achieving big…….

  • ginu

    no…what rubbish… she cleared the controversy of sunjay gupta ..she was approached by ms. swathi shetty of balaji motion pictures and she has enough proof with her …it is so sad that sunjay gupta chose to ignore this fact for cheap publicity…asin is a very dignified girl..and i don’t understand why u journalists are spoiling good people’s name ..to earn your bread and butter shame on you