Has Vidya Balan finally admitted to her relationship?

The buxom lady was doing her usual giggle for the camera when she was asked about her love-connection. And she said it!!!

It was the night of the GQ Awards and Vidya Balan was, as always, dressed to the nines in Sabyasachi. She had done her hair up in a ‘somewhat western’ style, she said, though it did look kinda like the usual chignon to us – maybe we missed the intricacies of hair-styling at that moment, since we were so caught up by her black, beige net and gold sari and that hair….oh, that hair!….pulled so tightly off Ms Balan’s expressive face. She does not really look like she has been working out or shedding some of the adipose she accumulated for The Dirty Picture, but the picture she did make was pretty indeed!

What really made our collective evening was the way Vids blushed, oh so delightfully, when she was asked about her ideal man. She giggled, she grinned, she beamed and she may have done a little happy wiggle as she stood there on the red – was it? – carpet and faced the media. But under all that coy young lady act (Vidya dearie, cut it out, you are too good an actor, too old and too large for aiming to be bashful and shy!) there was a confidence and a sureness that we kinda liked. More than merely liked, we approved, wholeheartedly. Our Kahaani star, now considered to be about as powerful as any Khan worth his dum, said out loud and clear that she was not looking for her ideal man, she had found him. And, we presume, plans to keep him. So is this the production house honcho Siddharth Roy Kapoor that we are all looking at here? Or has Vidya, with her chhupa rustom ways, found someone else to keep her warm on those air-conditioned nights in that lovely new apartment so close to the Bachchan household?

Care to make a few guesses here, BollywoodLifers?