Hatim trailer: Influenced by Lord of the Rings, but keeps the Indian flavour intact

The story of the prince who saves the universe has been showcased six times before in films, as well as on television. So what’s new about this one?

Life OK’s The Adventures of Hatim seems like a takeoff on several international fantasy shows. However, we are not complaining, just making a point – mind you. The show starts with the news about the evil entity, Zardaab taking over the universe and somewhere, a messiah is taking birth who will tear him to pieces. Reminds you of the tale of Krishna and Kansa, no? Zardaab finds out that this kid will destroy him when he grows up, but fails to catch hold of the child in time – now that’s inspired from JK Rowling’s Harry Potter!

Hatim is brought up by the king and queen of another land and he grows into a strong and true fighter. His humility, truthfulness and honesty makes his parents proud; the women swoon over him and his friends swear by his name. When he learns of Zardaab, he vows to end the evil lord and return the universe back in order. He has to solve seven riddles, battle evil creatures, stay alive and not turn evil to get to Zardaab. How he manages to do this, forms the story.

The trailer and the VFX used in the show look impressive. But we won’t be swayed away by it yet. The costume designing has gone through micro-detail. However, a lot of it looks inspired from the west; in fact a lot of costumes and make up look right out of Lord of the Rings. Well at least the inspiration is from a good source. However, the story will be different from all the other versions that have hit the tube so far.

Producer, director and writer Nikhil Sinha said, “Yes we have changed the story here and there, but the main crux is the same. Hatim and the ordeal he goes through to solve the seven clues remains the same. We have taken the creative liberty to alter the rest of the story.” Well the characters taken for the show look impressive and hulk like, but that’s the fun part. Rajbeer Singh, Pooja Banerjee and Chandan Anand seem to look the part to the T and have managed to portray it decently.

The trailer looks impressive enough to watch it when it finally goes on air on December 28, 2013.