Have John-Bips given up on good manners?

Most times it is easy to preach, but the practice ain’t that easy. Bipasha Basu and ex-beau John Abraham are the latest two to learn this lesson the hard way

Among the many couples in tinseltown who called it quits as a couple but chose to stay civil towards each other, if not friends, Bipasha Basu and John Abraham did it just right, wethought. Apparently the duo shot for a hair colour commercial after their break-up and their sizzling chemistry in the TVC set gossipmongers wondering if the couple would get back together. It was this onscreen charm as a couple, that made well-wishers suggest that they continue their professional association, as it would benefit both gorgeous people. But all that is easier said than done. Recent developments reveal a different story. The couple worked out at the same gym during their dating period and, surprisingly, they continue to do so. But as an eyewitness says, “Earlier they would try to avoid each other, but now even if they are around, they don’t speak to each other.” However, it is no shocker, since rumour has it that the break-up was not a mutual or pleasant decision. But the two have definitely moved on. While Bips is enjoying all the male attention she is getting, John is supposed to be on a dating spree. Recently, they even spoke to the media – separately, of course – about their break-up, and projected a happy-to-be-single picture. So we wonder what happened to the called-it-quits-as-lovers-but-let’s-stay-civil attitude. By the way, a little birdie also told us that Priyanka Chopra and Shahid Kapoor, are also having difficulty keeping up the let’s-stay-friends façade. But were they ever anything else? Any confessions, guys?