Have Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor broken up?

Ranbir Kapoor- Katrina Kaif ex-files?
Yogen Shah

Has the Ranbir-Katrina relationship gone kaput? Considering recent events, it sure looks like the Barfi! lad has a new ‘ex’ file on his shelf…

First the buzz about the Ranbir Kapoor-Katrina Kaif fight at Arjun Kapoor’s birthday bash got the rumour mills working overtime. Then came news of the grand holiday plans that RK Jr had all planned for his ladylove. And just when we thought all was well in the lovers’ paradise, reports of Ranbir getting rather too cozy with his ex Deepika Padukone at the Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani success party made headlines.

Katrina has been under the weather of late but has her calendar packed with work, work and more work, so apparently couldn’t accommodate this special holiday with her rumoured beau. The lady was fully occupied the with Dhoom: 3 shoot and then took off for the shoot of Bang Bang in Prague. While Katrina gave IIFA a miss, Ranbir was not at the awards either! However, with Hrithik’s recent brain surgery, the makers of Bang Bang have delayed the shoot, leaving Kat with a lot of time, more than enough for the impending holiday.

But the star seems to be miffed. Whether it is because RK and Deepika will be coming together for Imtiaz Ali’s next – for which Kat was supposed to be on the maybe list – or whether it is the story that Ranbir’s recommendation got Dippy the role, we wonder. Of course, it could be the fact that Deepika touchingly said that she missed RK when she made an acceptance speech at IIFA after collecting her Star Plus Audience Jodi of the Year award for Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani that riled apni Katrina…who knows!

Does this mean the end of Ranbir-Kat chapter and a new beginning to the once hot and happening Ranbir-Deepika relationship? Well, our guess is as good as yours….

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  • Anu

    Do any of you reporters ever do any research? Katrina was NOT at IIFA. She boarded a late night flight to Spain the same time as others went to Macau and is holidaying there with Ranbir. Get your facts checked before you print utter rot.

    • nira

      right, deepika’s pr team is constantly telling everyone to write all these nonsense. srk tweeted about who are going to iifa and he didn’t mentioned katrina’s name.

      • sky

        Whether Kat and Ranbir marry, are just friends, broke up or whatever, how does it matter to Dips? Dips, Bips and Zinta should start focusing on their own lives instead of creating FICTITIOUS milestones for other people’s life. Zinta looks better than Bips and Dips and should settle down with someone like Yuvi with who she has real chemistry and she does not have to create any fake avatars instead of still fantasizing that by rubbing shoulders with IPL billionaires she will become a billionaire some day.It does not work like that. She should grab Yuvraj before it is too late, look into his eyes and kiss him hard and tell him – hold me tight, color me coy,..let me dissolve in your macho arms..and Yuvi is bound to oblige once more!

    • Dh

      Katrina is not with Ranbir you get your facts right today in Mid Day news Katrina’s friends have sad that right now she is so busy with her work that she cant even think of a holiday. yes Ranbir is on a holiday from 3 July till 10 July there was is a guy Rahul Vaidya tweeted his pic from Ibiza, Spain but he did not saw Katrina with him,if Katrina would be with him then some one would tweet and inform us alfter all they both are not coman people they are the big stars of bollywood and every one around the world know them!

    • Kamaljot

      Well, the article says,”While Katrina gave IIFA a miss, Ranbir was not at the awards either!” The reporters DID in fact have their research correct.

  • asma

    deepika is best than katrina for ranbir

    • jenny hossel

      noooo. r you stuoid, Kat isssss better for Ranbir.Kat sooo Beautifuuuuuuul than Depika….

    • jenny hossel

      are you stupid Katrina is beautifuuuull than Depika ,her acting is briliant,kat is the best,in Bolliwood

  • nelam

    She started from mumbai and dint arrive at maccau . where dis she despair than obviously in spain. Ranbir katrina might be partying there leaving deepika alone to take best jodi award. Lol..

  • jenny hossel

    i think Kat is better acting , for Imtias Ali than Depika

  • Ralph

    I HOPE so!

    She is toooo old for Ranbir.. she is trying her desperate best to be with him and marry him, because her age is on the edge.

    She is not what she says she is.

    • pizza

      So true

  • EM

    Deepika deserves a better man not ranbir -__-

    but i admit they really look good together and share the best chemistry

  • Ravindra

    They should do moviezz together,, they looks so in love wid each other. I dont like ranbir and deepika they aren’t matchable

  • Zanira

    I thnk dip and rk look good together

  • rekha

    kat not worth at all for ranbir, he is fun loving, happy going guy, but kat total opposite. whenever they r together i never seen ran happy. so what if media is present, love is blind….

  • ammu

    I like R.k i think its not our life so we can’t tel that what they feel for each other everbody has right to choose his life partner or lover

  • maya

    ninn tullu chenagide