Have Rakesh Roshan and son Hrithik Roshan lost the plot?

Tue, October 15, 2013 5:27pm IST by
Hrithik Roshan's Krrish 3
Yogen Shah

The father-son duo is back with their new sci-fi film Krrish 3. It is touted as the most anticipated – and expensive – film of the year. But after watching the trailer and the released songs, wethinks the Roshans have gone off track this time around. Here’s why…

There is no doubt about the fact that Hrithik Roshan’s new superhero avatar in Krrish 3 looks stellar. But besides that, there is hardly anything to look forward to in the film, not from what we have seen, at least. While papa Rakesh Roshan has reportedly spent a whopping Rs 200 cr on the VFX alone at the Red Chillies studios in Mumbai, the results aren’t too convincing, especially in the part when Kangna Ranaut makes an entry. Her character looks obviously computer generated – and that, you certainly don’t expect from a superhero film aimed at blowing your mind with its visual effects, right? Also, whatever you see in the trailer ain’t so great, not enough to make your jaw drop, sadly. We have seen it all in Hollywood films umpteen times over. Besides that, while music played a big role in Koi Mil Gaya’s success, in this case it seems to be the other way around. The songs don’t seem situational – that’s fine up to an extent, since Bollywood movies are obsessed with naach gaana, never mind if they are needed in a movie or not. But overall the music of Krrish 3 is just so blah! Don’t believe us? Listen to the songs and tell us what you think….

While Shahrukh Khan’s Ra.One failed to make its mark as a slick superhero flick, the music and visual effects of the film did grab attention. But in Krrish 3’s case, these two elements seem to be the biggest letdowns, so far. As far as story is concerned, the trailer indicates what the film has in store – a superhero on a mission to save mankind, a villain who wants to destroy the world (and the superhero, of course) and loads of dhishoom dhishoom between the two. Nothing new really, hai na? Frankly, we don’t think Hrithik and his daddy dearest should pin all their hopes on this one. Will it beat the business done by Chennai Express…we wonder!

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  • punak

    another indian jealous of an indian this happens only in india and with indians why compare it with hollywood if you so love hollywood go stay there and review their movies and not bollywood, just love to pull down hard work and some one trying to make india progress puna

    • ghost hunter

      I cant believe people are criticizing the review for wanting”quality entertainment”-or are we indians too laid back and feel that we dont deserve the best in everything-including films! People are aware of the global movies and we expect our filmmakers to increase their standards as well.. well if this is too much to ask for then what is the purpose of making movies for the crowd? it would more seem like making movies to just sell something cheap and make the most of it before its buzz dies down! man,im disappointed at not only the movies that lack “quality” but also the way people perceive and judge things here.

  • Nitin

    I think someone paid to u guys to criticise Krrish 3. After every trailer you guys criticise the film. But no worries box office will prove you guys wrong. If chennai express kind of movies cross 200 cr than krrish 3 definitely gng to cross more than 250cr.

  • Harsh soni

    I think you know very well how to make a superhero film hai na? Why you cannot see that standard of movies is changing with krrish3 instead of criticizing and everyone knows your fav ra.one what did in the box office.. Ra.one had gud music but no story and script that’s why it was FLOP.. but k3 has both the things….

  • Singh

    Bakwas band karo …krrish gonna rock…..n those who paid u …hard luck guys….come front and face…Hrithik is waiting…

  • Jeeten

    First talking about krrish trailer have 17 million hits these double views and more views any anthor from hollywood to bollywood and flim totally vfx done by indian people in india .it rakesh roshan and hrithik mean movie story will be grt like Ra one and drona that ga one and ra one came out game fight with each and what any object of virtual world cannot be touch and feel ,it only we see it do nt sense but case of k3 it total he blessed with given frm alien to rohit and came has krrish .krrish was blockbuster at boxoffice. And music is fanstic of flim raghu pati raghav raja ram a dance and party has on top 10 songs frm realse and dil hai baata slow but infact grt wid grt beat it song shoot between mutant and superhero that songs was necessary was there in flims and most important rakesh has given us 2 sci-fci movies that are blockbuster in past koi mil gaya and krrish any anthor sci -fci flim nt suceesful compare these two .rakesh ji has taken to compete with world .
    Most important it star Hrithik roshan who is complete actor of bollywood infact i think in world.
    1) dashing looks and grt pesonality
    2) unmeasubrle tallent he got
    3)Acting skills
    4)grt body lanuague
    5) god of dan
    6)grt body and muscle shape
    7) he only bollywood actor in true sense frm india can represent at international level
    8) less with attiude and more postiveness
    9)he can fit to any character u given him
    10)he prove u world wat he got .

  • Poon

    Have you seen the film so that you can comment. Another indian pulling down indians Shame

  • varsha

    I saw the trailer and found it fantastic. Raghupati Raghav rocks and Dil Tu Hi Bataa is fantastic, romantic and too soothing. Its locations are so mesmerising and Kangana looks fabulous with her new look. The music is just too good. If you guys are so well versed with the good qualities of a film, why just don’t you go and produce your own films and then I’ll comment. I think rather than finding faults with others, please learn to appreciate others hard work and whatever others may say but Hrithik you’re too good. Am just dying to watch your new film, It will be releasing on my birthday and I just love your songs. I have listened only Raghupati Raghav and Dil Tu Hi Bata and both are already my favourite.

  • Pavan

    Not one positive comment!!!

    I sincerely hope ur livelihood does not depend upon writing filmi articles

    Coz frankly with such a feedback not many ppl will buy ur stuff

    N plz the vfx budget is not 200cr…with are not that naive
    Also the new promo of krrish3 is trending right now

  • superkiller

    why this fellow is so jealous of our very own superhero Hrithik. These kind of idiots shud be banned forever. For such useless creatures INDIA lacks behind.
    I wonder what he has to say when KRISH 3 will earn 250 crore………crap fellow

  • salman

    fyi the budjet is 90cr with pnp its 125cr. now check new title promo n d effects in it ull have ur answer. aur compare karna hi hai to sari bollywood filmon ko compare karo batao ce ko kis hollywood film se compare karoge .1500cr ki film ko 125cr se compare nahin karte be fair compare it with our own movies ull have ur apt answer have u ever seen such visuals in any hindi movie u know d answer better

  • AO

    Enough about the songs, jeez! As for the trailer, they are not going to reveal everything about the movie. And if you think Ra. One had good songs, then you clearly need to develop a better taste in music.

  • harry

    the guys commenting on the article are definately way more intelligent than the ppl on this website.this website is talking trash about krrish3 ,it shows they have no knowledge about cinema. I hope krrish3 breaks all records and teach idiots a lesson.

  • Mahendra

    Absolutely agree!
    these are the reason the film lost all its pre release buzz!
    It’ll be a disappointment!