Have Randeep Hooda and Neetu Chandra patched up?

The Highway actor seems to have re-found love in ex-lover. Read on

A little birdie tells us that Randeep Hooda and Neetu Chandra, who had parted ways are looking forward to give their relationship another chance! Yes, the hunkalicious Highway dude wants Neetu back in his life, we hear. A source told a popular tabloid, “It has emerged that of late, Randeep has been in touch with Neetu and wants to have her back in his life. Although they have had some issues in the past, they continued to be in touch. They were also busy with their respective commitments, leaving them with no time to work on their relationship. Now Randeep has again started talking to Neetu, and it seems that he wants to meet her as well.” What more! Our birdie adds that Randeep has regularly been in touch with Neetu during his Delhi trip. Reportedly, he is currently shooting in capital for Kick.

Well ladies, bad luck for you if Randeep and Neetu have actually got back together. We will miss him from singleton! Sigh! Meanwhile, we’d like to congratulate the duo for having worked out their differences.