Have Salman Khan and Priyanka Chopra really kissed and made up?

Posted Wed, December 7, 2011 11:40am IST

Recently Salman Khan is supposed to have restored ties with Priyanka Chopra and John Abraham, with whom he was supposed to have had a cold war for years. But our question is, were these stars really foes to begin with? Or is it just the media playing an ever-escalating game of Chinese Whispers?

It’s common practice for stories of break-ups and patch-ups to emerge when two powerful names come together, especially in showbiz. But in times when stars are tight-lipped about everything other than their work, we wonder if these stories hold any water. Also, since most of them are busy holed up in their ivory towers, we doubt if they have time to come face-to-face with their so-called ‘enemies’. So are these cold wars and patch-ups jazzed up gossip to add drama and spice to the stars’ boring existence? May or may not be. We try to separate the truth from the tittle-tattle regarding some popular star fights in recent times…

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  • Ann

    Salman and Priyanka did a few movies together and that was sometime back. I don’t think they are friends because we don’t see her face at his parties. According to you, they will now appear together performing a dance on stage at an Awards Show…The organisers of the event decided to have them perform together and they agreed to it. I don’t see why some of the media people should make an issue of that with their misleading captions.