Have you heard Priyanka Chopra’s racial discrimination story?

The babe recently gave an interesting speech about her life at the India Today Mind Rocks Youth Summit 2012. And while doing so she told the audience about the one incident that transformed her from a gawky kid to a street smart girl

Priyanka Chopra has had a tough time taking the plunge from being in a simple school in Bareilly to studying in a fancy high school in Boston. The intelligent girl from the modest school in Uttar Pradesh had to try really hard to fit in with the happening American crowd in Boston.She confessed during her speech that she was extremely low on self-esteem and the turning point in her life arrived only when she started participating in a lot of extracurricular activities in school. She also mentioned about a fight that happened in school which played an integral role in building the much needed confidence in her. So this is what happened: an over smart chick would bully PC every now and then by calling her a ‘brownie’ and a couple of other derogatory terms. So when the bully asked PC to meet her at the basketball court, PC was petrified in the beginning as the girl was huge. But Chopra later mustered up the courage and bashed her detractor with great ferocity. Obviously, no points for guessing, but the Barfi!  babe was shown the exit door from school for…well, only three days.

While narrating this anecdote PC made sure she was amply clear about stating that the whole of US is not racist and that it’s just a couple of bad experiences that made her the person that she is today. Well, point taken Ms Chopra.