Have you met Deepak Tijori’s new girl yet?

Don’t get us wrong! We mean the actor-director has finalised on a new girl called Alisha for his new film, Dare You

Deepak Tijori hasn’t given up on making films yet, and it’s really surprising ‘coz every time he plans to call the shots, he falls flat on his face. So now that he gets set to don the director’s hat again, we are really dreading his comeback as a filmmaker. And with a title like Dare You, we are a li’l hesitant to give him even the benefit of doubt. We hear Mr Tijori has been very particular about who will be the protagonist of the movie. So after a rigorous auditioning process, he settled in for a chick called Alisha, who he thought could portray the journey of Rani Diwan in the film really well.The movie showcases the life of an innocent college kid who transforms into an iconic personality over the years. Now that sounds interesting, but as we said before the title of the film is quite a letdown. Well, we wait to see if the Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikandar star is able to crack it this time around.