Have you seen Priyanka Chopra’s ‘chip chip’ dance?

The babe is prancing around like a teenager, hopping frantically from one place to another in a recent ad for a cosmetic brand

PC is behaving like a kid in the candy store in the new endorsement that she has taken up. She is bouncing around in a teeny-weeny bright yellow jumpsuit, crooning a supremely cheesy song. From whining about oily skin to shaking a leg with her spotty Dalmatian, Priyanka is trying to entertain the audience with her cool uninhibited act. But this is not exactly the Piggy Chops we know. She looks frightfully fake in the new commercial, as she hides her true personality and her infectious attitude.

We guess the babe has found a new way of getting her kicks, and if doing commercials that project her as a rather mad 15-year-old is something that gives her pure pleasure, who are we to spoil her fun!

We suggest she spares the poor li’l doggie next time around, ‘coz we are sure he isn’t a huge fan of the chip chip dance either.