Have you seen Sunny Leone’s deleted sex scene from Ragini MMS 2? Watch video!

Have you seen Sunny Leone’s deleted sex scene from Ragini MMS 2? Watch video!

The former porn star raises temperatures in this sex scene which was deleted from Ragini MMS 2

Sunny Leone, who is celebrating the success of her latest horrex film Ragini MMS 2 had shot a sex scene, which was too bold and explicit to have been passed by the censor board. Therefore the scene was dropped from the final version of the film that hit the theatres on March 21.

However, the makers of the film have released Sunny Leone’s sex scene, which raises the mercury levels and…how! The video has the Canadian porn star turned actor exposing her assets as the tune of Baby doll song from the film plays in the background. Looks like Ms Leone’s older experience came in handy (pun not intended) while shooting this raunchy scene. No wonder, all the men were asked to leave the sets, while this scene was being shot.

Anyway, watch Sunny Leone’s sex scene that was deleted from Ekta Kapoor’s Ragini MMS 2 here.
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  • Sujatha Kannan

    Really I pity on Sunny Leone. How can a woman is so squeezed for a film. The men who watch this film might get their BP high but for SL has to lose her self respect this much. By this movie, what the producers and directors are trying to signify. Perhaps, they would have directly shot an adult movie and release in internet. All are human beings yaar. Once imagine Sunny Leone without a skin. What shall be left. Only bones, muscles, blood and veins shall be there. She is also a human being.

    • HULK

      Hi Sujatha,
      I agree with u. Just remember one thing, films mirror the society. There is a saying in sanskrit

      “Kamathuranam na bhayam na lajja” these movies r meant for them.

    • kumar

      she likes wat she’s doing….not forced to do anything against her will…she makes a lot of money by doing wat she does….why does women always play the victim card??

  • shubham srivastava

    Everything said & done, such movies are not good for public release (even edited, censored version). Skinny shows and violence are increasing in main stream Hindi films….. very unfortunate….!!

  • adver

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