Have you watched Poonam Pandey’s latest MMS clip?

The Nasha babe steps into the shower and indulges in a soapy affair. Take a look!

The last time Poonam Pandey stepped into a bathtub, the babe played the clever game of peek-a-boo, a smart balance of hiding and revealing. While she covered her modesty by slapping on the foam on her body, she made sure that she displayed a generous dose of her long legs, bare back and cleavage to a titillating effect. The Pandey babe has repeated the feat all over again by taking a bath for an MMS clip for her upcoming movie Nasha,directed by Amit Saxena.

Here’s Poonam in her wet avatar-showing her sexy back and those long legs. She starts soaping herself as the water flows down her hot bod. And just when we thought that there would be more ‘showing’ to set out pulse racing, Poonam disappoints us with ‘limited exhibition’. Perhaps, the desperate damsel wants to keep the best for the movie.

So, Pandey fans keep your fingers crossed in the hope that Poonam will surprise you with her wild acts in Nasha. The erotic thriller will be released across India on July 26.

PS: What boggles our mind is that the video looks slickly shot, keeping in mind all the technical considerations like proper lighting and fine editing and yet the makers call it leaked. Laughable, no?