He is not Ranbir Kapoor!

He is not Ranbir Kapoor!

He might appear as the Rockstar actor, but believe you us, he is not

If you happen to go to Srinagar and spot this man on the streets, don’t confuse him with Ranbir Kapoor for he is Junaid Shah and his appearance bears a stark resemblance to RK.

We have seen lookalikes of Amitabh Bachchan, Sachin Tendulkar, Salman Khan and other B-town celebs. And now we also have a humshakal of Ranbir, it seems.

Junaid is often misunderstood as Ranbir by the public. He wants to do modeling after completing his management course, we hear.

Well, if all those beauties of Kashmir have already gone crazy after Junaid, he certainly owes a lot to Ranbir. And we are sure, like RK, Junaid too has found his Kat. Wink wink.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • sindu

    I try to understand, how, two people from two different parts of the world even, could look alike. Especially when it comes to famous people.

    • Orlon


  • hari

    yeh ranbir kapoor se itna match ni hota hmare to relative main ek bilkul matching humshakl ha.
    vo to bilkul ranbir kapoor jaisa ha

  • Rohini Verma

    He doesn’t look like Ranbir at all
    Ranbir is hotter than this guy!