Hema Malini and Dharmendra reunite on screen?

Esha Deol reveals that there is a surprise to watch out for Tell Me O Kkhuda

After nearly two decades Hema Malini in all probability is set to reunite with actor husband Dharmendra in Esha Deol’s comeback vehicle Tell Me O Kkhuda. Though the mother and daughter refuse to reveal more, there are signs that suggest it might just be true. At the promo launch of TMOK, Esha told the media, “There is a surprise for everyone in the film and you guys will love it!” When probed further, she chose to keep quiet. So naturally Hema Malini was asked next, if she appears in the film. But she too dodged it, saying, “Wait for the film to release.” She quickly added, “You guys will be happy with the surprise. That’s all I can say.” But it was her big smile that gave it away. It is no hidden fact that for a long time Dharmendra did not support Esha’s decision to become an actor. But a father can’t keep away for long. So he accepted it with all heart and agreed to support her in the same way he supports his sons – by being a part of their films. Dharmendra took up a role in TMOK that was initially offered to Amitabh Bachchan. The last time Garam Dharam and the Dream Girl shared screen space, was in Kamal Amrohi’s Razia Sultan. They now reunite for their dear daughter. Sigh! Such a happy family.