Hema Malini upstages Eesha Deol at ‘Tell Me O KKhuda’ music launch

The Dreamgirl got a more stylish entry than her daughter at the event

When you are launching the music of your daughter’s comeback film, whom will you praise most? The music director and the singers, yes, but also your daughter, right? Especially when the very aim of making the movie is to relaunch her failing career. You’ve even got her dad to star in the film for that very purpose. So it was very surprising indeed that Hema Malini got a grander entrance than Eesha Deol at the music launch of Tell Me O Kkhuda. When the hosts for the evening, Arjan Bajwa and Chandan Roy Sanyal called Eesha up on stage, she simply rose from her front row seat, climbed the few steps to the stage and spoke a few lines about the film. It was simple and unaffected, and we believed it was because they wanted the focus on the musicians. Fair enough. But when Hema had to make her entrance, she did not follow Eesha’s footsteps. The screen at the back of the stage that had been airing songs all the while split into two to reveal the Dreamgirl. Arjan and Chandan escorted her to the middle of the stage and even sang Dilbar mere for her, mock apologised to Dharmendra and claimed how glad they were that Hema was there with them. Excuse me? Okay, so Hema has directed the movie, but it’s the music launch of Eesha’s film, so after the musicians, shouldn’t the focus be on Eesha? Somehow, in the whole exercise focussing on Hema Malini and how it felt for her to direct Dharmendra, Vinod Khanna and Rishi Kapoor, Eesha got lost. Hema, we did not expect this from you!