Here’s how Eijaz Khan, Shama Sikander, Rashami Desai, Vivian DSena are beating the heat this summer!

Weather reports claim that it is 32 degrees outside, but it certainly feels like 80. Is the heat killing you? Are you upset with the sweaty and stinky feeling your body is going through? Well so are our celebs

We at BollywoodLife got hold of some of Telly worlds’ popular actors to find out what are they doing differently to keep the summer heat at bay and stay cool. Read on to find out…

Eijaz Khan

It is crazy hot. I drink fresh lime juice and Gatorade (Dehydrating drink) at least five times a daily to kill the heat. I developed this habit ever since I became a professional dancer. And if the heat is too much and I am not working, I travel abroad.

Rashami Desai Sandhu

I drink fresh lime juice and barley water daily to keep myself hydrated. It’s a childhood habit and I continue that till date. On an average, I drink about six to seven glasses a day. Normally, I carry my own drinks, but nimbu paani is something you get anywhere, so I am never worried. As for clothes, I prefer wearing something comfortable, but that also looks perfect. Whatever I wear should make me feel comfortable, good and positive.

Vivian DSena

The heat drains your energy. Considering I have outdoor shoots every day, I take special care of my water intake. Besides lime juice, I eat a lot of watermelon, musk melon and oranges. I carry fruits in my ice box. In between breaks I also sip on lassi or chaas.

Shashank Vyas

More than anything, in this heat I drink a lot of buttermilk. I got this habit from my grandfather. On the sets of Balika Vadhu, I drink about one litre of buttermilk and I don’t share it with anyone. I also eat watermelon.

Tina Dutta

We barely get time in between shoots. I keep myself hydrated and make sure to drink lots of water. Every two hours I drink coconut water as well. It’s the most unadulterated drink nature has made.

Angad Hasija

Fruits are the ideal way to beat the summer heat. I keep eating fruits throughout the day. My wife packs fruits in my icebox. Wherever I go be it meeting or shooting, I carry the icebox. And I don’t share my stuff with anyone.

Gulfam Khan

Like everyone, I drink a lot of water on the sets. My diet consists mainly of raw veggies and I avoid spicy food completely. I use my sunscreen lotion liberally post 11 am because the early morning sun is really good for you. I go out in the early morning sun as it’s the best source of Vitamin D. The trick to keep cool outdoors is to place a cold cloth on the nape of your neck.

Samiksha Bhatnagar

I alter my pattern of outdoor exercise and workout either early morning or late in the evening. I wear loose-fitting clothes preferably of a light colour. Ideally, cotton clothes keep me cooler than most synthetics. I combat dehydration by drinking plenty of water along with sports drinks or other sources of electrolytes. In addition to that, I make sure to eat a lot of cold fruits daily as part of my routine.

Shashank Sethi

I wear comfortable and bright coloured clothes. You will see me sporting a lot of shorts and loose T-shirts. I avoid going out in the afternoon. I drink a lot of butter milk and energy drinks throughout the day and I have shifted my gym timings to early morning in order to avoid the heat.

Shama Sikander

It is important to keep myself hydrated during long shoot schedules. I drink water and lime water regularly. I drink about four litres of water and two to four glasses of nimboo paani or coconut water.

Rishina Kandhari

I drink coconut water and aam panna at least six times a day to keep cool. At times, I drink a lot of butter milk and curd especially during shoots.

Rohit Bhardwaj

Shooting in the borders of Gujarat, the heat is extremely crazy. I drink a lot of water during Mahabharat. Sometimes I switch to glucose, buttermilk, and lassi. I even make sure that I eat my dinner early.

With these new mantras, we are sure the readers of BollywoodLife now know how to beat the crazy summer heat this season.