Here’s what Priyanka Chopra told herself before auditioning for Quantico – Watch video!

After featuring in The Jimmy Fallon show yesterday, Priyanka Chopra is all set to return on Good Morning America, a popular American television show which airs on ABC. The actress has gone live today  from their set in Times Square to talk about her second season of Quantico which premieres on Sunday. Last year too, PeeCee was part of this show during the same time as the first season was about to premiere. Earlier BollywoodLife had reported how Priyanka Chopra made everyone go crazy at Times square last time with her humble yet cool answers. So this time too we were sure the actress will nail her interview along with her co star from this season Blair Underwood. Also read: Priyanka Chopra was in dilemma before signing Quantico

The desi gal is going out of her way to promote the next season and making further revelations each and every time. First she just said that she will no longer be a part of FBI and will now be a CIA recruit. Later we came to know what the plot is going to be all about. We came to know this time there will be a hostage situation where the President of United States and the members of FBI will be taken as hostages by a group of terrorists. Their freedom will depend on the release of an Arab terrorist who is a prisoner of the country. So how does Priyanka Chopra overcome these hurdles and assures their safety is the main crux of this season. Her last revelation came on yesterday’s episode of Jimmy Fallon where she said that there will many ups and downs in her professional life as the entry of new colleagues in her life might spoil her relations with her friends at FBI. Also Read: Priyanka Chopra is Bobbing for apples and we are totally loving it.

With Good Morning America, the actress revealed that she had to audition for the role of Alex Parish before she signed the series and the fact that she had done close to 50 movies already did not help her achieve it. She said that auditions are the way you bag a role in West and there is no harm in it. Thanks to this show, we also had a chance to meet her new co star from this season and as a result we could grab a sneak peek into one of the scenes from upcoming episode. Blair will apparently be her colleague in CIA this season who is extremely hard and tough on her. The actress was nervous before this big audition and she had to convince her that she had already done 50 movies so what’s scaring her now? It was only then that she could crack it and get her the new job.

Such interesting revelations are making our wait even tougher and though we know that the premiere is just a day away, we can’t just wait for Sunday to arrive. Priyanka Chopra’s earlier season of Quantico was shot through out Montreal, Canada. However this time the venue has been changed and it will be shot extensively in New York. This is the reason why the actress is looking for a new apartment in the city since her earlier one was far away from where the shooting was taking place. And now it seems that she has zeroed in on her dream apartment and will apparently shift tomorrow. So after she finishes the shoot for the show Good Morning America early in the day, she will organize a house warming party for the cast and crew of her series. That‘s indeed sweet of Priyanka!