Here’s why Ranveer Singh DID NOT react when Deepika Padukone was threatened during Padmaavat’s release

In the run up to the release of Padmaavat, the people involved with the film had to go through a lot. Protests and threats were going hand-in-hand. Fringe groups were up in arms against the film’s release claiming Rani Padmini has been shown in poor light. Of course, they realised there concerns were completely stupid and misplaced after the film released. But while they were at it, they declared a bounty for anyone who chops off Deepika Padukone’s nose and beheads her and the film’s director, Sanjay Leela Bhansali. So when Ranveer Singh was asked recently what did he feel when someone threatened to chop off Deepika’s nose, his reaction left us a bit stunned.

Talking to India Today, Ranveer said, “I was filled with rage. There’s no doubt about that. I had a very strong urge to act out, to speak out, but I was given strict instructions not to. And I had to respect that, because I was not at the forefront of this fight.” So somebody asked him not to react to the statement which on a hindsight, was a good decision because it could have only added fuel to the fire. That’s because the people who were creating chaos at that time, didn’t even know what they were actually opposing in the film. (Also read: After Shahid-Mira and Saif-Kareena, we want Ranveer-Deepika and Virat-Anushka to walk the ramp together)

Ranveer further explained his statement saying, “It’s the prerogative of the producers, of the director. If they were explicitly telling me that me saying something or doing something is going to complicate things further, I don’t want to complicate their lives. I want to do my bit to make sure that this film gets made and it gets released. If this is what they are asking me to do, I have to abide by that.”