Here’s why Salman Khan doesn’t like being called bhai!

Mon, June 30, 2014 10:48am IST by
Here’s why Salman Khan doesn’t like being called bhai!

Read to know why the actor doesn’t like being addressed by the nick name …

Salman Khan is popularly called ‘bhai‘ by most of his fans. Not just fans, but people close to him, his body guard, manager, and secretary also are often heard saying, “bhai kahan hai ?”. A family member close to Salman recently told us that Salman isn’t too fond of being called ‘bhai‘. Here’s why…

According to the source Salman feels that the only people who can actually call him ‘bhai‘ are his sisters Alvira and Arpita. He is of the opinion that he isn’t any one’s brother other than his sisters. The source says, “It’s funny how every one has taken for granted that Salman is their brother! He gets quite irritated when a stranger who he’s just met starts calling him ‘bhai’.”

Apart from the brother connotation, the word bhai is also at times used in reference of the underworld or a don! Salman definitely doesn’t want to be perceived as one! The source adds, “He was once heard asking someone, ‘kya mein goonda hoon jo tu mujhe bhai bula raha hai ?’. But his fans have often called him bhai, in fact the way they use that word so liberally, Sajid Nadiadwala even used it in his first trailer for Kick!.”

We think whether he likes it or not, we will always call Salman ‘bhai’, cause there is no other actor in the industry who can carry off that nickname with such charisma!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Terminator

    Rapid fire round to Salman khan…
    1)Why did you put the blame of killing pedestrians on your driver?
    2)Why did you hunt rare species animal in rajasthan?was it for fun?
    3)Why did you bully other actors and patronize your close relatives?
    4)Why did you make crappy movies?

    Juhi,Madhuri,Raveena and many more calls him bhai bcoz salman’s connection to underworld.. He can only be a brother, not a husband..

    He is a criminal… being human kehne se koi be human ban jatta hai .. Chutiya ka pattha hai salman khan

    This guy is an e.u.n.e.c.h that’s why he is still single.48 mein bhi virgin hai chutiya. How can this guy still has supporters who used to beat aishwarya,katrina.. he then slapped subhash ghai, destroyed the whole set of chalte chalte .. created havoc outside aishwarya’s house.. i am suprised that katrina dated this loser for 5 years … this guy is psycho .. what has he achieved ..not yet won a single filmfare award for best actor yet compare him to shahrukh..he is a criminal..this guy talks of humanity and hasn’t done anything human till date..

    Shahrukh is way better guy than this loser.. shahrukh has achieved all things on his own without family’s aid.

    • deep gupta

      u r the man

      • bhai

        Gladiator ki ma ki police Wala HAI Kutte bheek chahiye to mang

        • Terminator

          U r S.O.B

        • deep gupta

          bheek dene wala ho gaya hay…… good u r da ultimate man

    • akshay

      r u so blind or dick head to lstn to d statemnts of witnesses… yaa bc to wahan thaa accidnt k tuje ptaa h… ganduu hr ek witns ka khna h k drvr seat pe vo ni tha.. but tum srgayianss kch ni ho skta tumara…
      bully actorss loosr he made carriers of odrs.. sonakshii arjun kat. himesh n many more…

      idiot movis r not made by actors.. n atlst hs crappy mvis r mch btr dn ra1 chamatkar maya mem sahab n many more…

      bhosdi k.. if u loose ur v.. wud u beat drums or publicis dat…just fr sm morons lik u..kjo had cleard dat it ws joke… plus by sayng dat he savd rspct of all hs x gfs.. from cntroversies n deir relations.. soch ganduu teri biwi ka x bole m not vrgin.. kyaa gand phtegii terii.. but ye baat tj jausaa chutyaa ni smj skta.. plus loosr our culture dsnt allow all ds bf marriage.. n havng a gf dsnt mean takng pleasures n publising it… terii soch ghtiyaa insaan…

      nw all d crap u takng is about past …aagee bdhoo betaa kahan past me atke ho.. ek dn jal jal k mar jana h tune… is tarah posts pe apna chutyapa dikhhaa dikhaa k.. n bhaii ko ghntaa kch ni hona…

    • akshay

      n humanityy dude. he donates 70% of earng to poors runs being humn charity has donated hs bone marrow to a 5 yr old child.. jo k koii relatv b ni krta..

      u guyz can talk about hs past n gin k 3 ya 4 chz hain bs.. but agr uske humanitu n acchaii ko ginoge to book likh skte ho…

      nw about family hlp to let me tl u…d producr of biwi ho to aisi dint knw him at all.. n aftr he was castd salim uncl calld d producr k kyaa galti karne jaa re ho… so no family help…

  • Maasha

    Salman Khan is a gem of a person those who cant deal with it are fans of those who have grudges against him and always keep bad mouthing him. just get a life haters go support your stars . why aren’t you guys ever blocking rude and nasty comments on salman khan ?

    • Terminator

      Sallu lallu is a disgrace to humanity .. Lund ka pilla ..what he did to aishwarya shahrukh soma Katrina is nothing to you he may be a great guy for you but he is not even a human

      • akshay

        wtf did he did to srk…looser??.. jealous moron u r…chutyapanti sbko aatii naii n terii jatii naii..ganduu

        • Terminator

          What he did to srk? Forgot chalte chalte drama .. he had tto make that film again?

      • akshay

        wtevr he did to ash.. ws wn he was hr bf.. n out of possesvns he did dat.. n dts prsnl lossr… n apart from fckng srgay he did nthng n kat. he made her carrier.. dat bitch lft her aftr hr carrier was made… bhaukne se phle soch lea karr chutiye…

        • Terminator

          acha kal teri girlfriend ko mein ghar pe aakar marta hu and usse ttorture karta hu.. tere baap ke office jakar uski izat ki dajiya murra du toh ttuhje acha lagey ga lund ke ball

          • akshay

            tu paidaushii ganduu h yaa koii coursee kiyaa h… bhosdike.. vo us wkt us ki gf thi…aur kisi ki naii… chutiye exampl dne se phle soch to le…tu apni gf k sath kch b kar mere ko kya.. kyn kiyaa ks vjh se vo bs vo dono ko ptaa h.. but tum loosrs usko ngtv h loge… chut k kide

    • Terminator

      Gem of a person.. He is a criminal.

  • akshay

    some rapid fire qstns for ur dear srk…

    1. y did u do a nude movie…maya mem sahab…
    2. y did u do only rejctd mvis.. y wr u nvr d fst chois of all ur hit movis..
    3. y r u so insecure dat aftr farah castd akshay u had a cold war vd hr.. inspite of she being ur bst buddy…
    4. y did u not cm to kwk episod jst bcz bhaii was in d fst episod.. isnt kjo ur bst buddy..r u so jealous??
    5.y did u donate to pak n wn wr askd about flood in amarnath u said i ws busy shootng
    6. y u said u r not safe here in india.. dint india gv all u hav today??
    7.y u only workd vd huge baaner yrf n kjo…
    8. y u buy awards… c.e was awarded vn bhag milkha bhag was nominatd…n vn laggan was nominatd srk won…
    9.y did u snatch d prop. of ur sis…??
    u gyz jst talk about bhai’s past whil do u hav ans. to srk’s prsnt…

    srk wrks fr mny .n is cncrnd abt hs famly only….whil bhaii wrks fr being human..he wrks free for hs frnds. bhai hs launch so many newcomers is d bgst help to any persn in d industry…he has a heart of gold.. he is far btr dn money minded srk….no1 knws about srks famly odr dn hs wife n kids.. whil ppl evn knw about salman’s dog. dats d difference….n dats y HE IS CALLED D BHAII OF BOLLYWOOD BG BROTHER.. .in true n evry sens.