HEROINE box office: Kareena Kapoor’s charm works!

HEROINE box office: Kareena Kapoor’s charm works!

Madhur Bhandarkar’s latest offering pulls in the crowd, and the credit mostly goes to the leading lady

Kareena Kapoor’s Arjun Rampal-Randeep Hooda starrer released on the weekend and was panned by most of the critics. The blame was unanimously on director Madhur Bhandarkar who seemed to have employed every cliché in the book to make his film look ‘realistic’. Obviously, the audience caught his bluff, but Heroine did get a good opening. The multiplex audience went in awestruck by the hype and hoopla, and came out complaining about Bhandarkar’s take on Bollywood. The masses though (who seem to be the maker’s target audience) have lapped up Kareena’s shenanigans.

Heroine got an opening of about Rs 7.20 crores. On Saturday it made Rs 8.60 cr and that proves Bebo’s clout at the BO. The movie made about Rs 2.50 cr at the overseas box office, and that was a dampener. The domestic box office collections of Heroine now stand at approximately Rs 15.8 cr. Heroine’s worldwide box office total would be Rs 18.3 cr. Trade pundits are of the opinion that had the release date been better the film could have raked in a lot more moolah.

Now that Barfi! has been nominated for the Oscars, and the number of screens for this Anurag Basu film have been increased, Heroine might lose steam at the BO. And even though the collections might take a hit (according to trade) during the week, the film – made at a cost of Rs 25 crore – is slated to recover its investments and perhaps earn some profits too.

Dear Bollywoodlifers, did you watch Heroine yet? Did you like it?

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  • navin

    Heroine is a very decent movie on the whole, the first half is brilliant, the second half did not live up to the intialy part though it did have its share of good and great cinema.

    The credit without doubt goes to Kareena, she is a superstar period, no actress except Priyanka would have been able to do this role, Madhur gets a little lost in the second half.

    Otherwise a still a very nice watch, will conservatively give it 3.5 on 5.

    • tina

      well said …Kareena was the shinning star of that movie ..I doubt anyone in this current generation of Bollywood actress can ever be able to pull this role.She is a superstar.

  • atulmohantyfriend

    Heroine was a good watch minus some predictability but then Madhur cant be blamed. Kareena looked beautiful – truely its her bravest role not pointing to anyone but having audiences leave with one name in mind and remembering her and her life and all those declarations “Never play to lose” “Always a winner” or “How dare you – I am PHD in fighting, never underestimate power of a woman!”… stooping to lowly methods that lead to self destructive path.

  • cuckoo

    A major chunk of PR money of Heroine went to Bollywoodlife.com for pre and post hype which this portal dutifully carried out but then it is a fact that the movie fell flat. But loyalty to money taken demands that they continue talking good about a flunked movie. Barfi didnt quite advertise with B’wood life and you can see B’woodlife’s sourness in the stories they put about Barfi.

  • Nik kapoor

    I just say that m going to d mall and every one talk about lovely babe kareena performance and looks so, i m surprised that y they r talking only and only for kareena y they r not taliking about film and when m watching a film that time i realize y the r talking only for kareena because kareena hold all d filme in her shoulder because film is not good but just for d bebo people come to cinema hall and watch d heroine. She is proov it yar she is big star and powerful heroine in filme industry. Kareena roks. Love u kareena.

  • Sujan

    Realli kareena proves herslf dat she iz truely the boxoffice queen..she deserves by this performance + boxoffice bussiness…she iz jus awesum..madhur iz blessed by kareena in dis movie..she carry whole movie wit her natural acting…:*

  • ck rao

    be realistic man, there were around 20+ people watching heroine when compared to the packed houses of barfi! Bollywoodlife has gone NUTS!

  • ash

    No, because kareena is so pround of her self…rubbish we like simple actress like…

    • Nik kapoor

      Hy ash have u saw kareena in real. No na then y u talking like a bull sheet g. Yes she is proud her self and y she canot proud her self she ir hot,sexy,beautiful,fair,noty,charming and most important she is belong to first filmy family then y she cant proud her self y y y? And we r not talking about film we r talking about kareena’s acting.

  • Prabhat

    “Btown a pure male town where female artist seems to be jwell only”
    heroine is a appreciated step of madhurbhandarkar after kahani and “the dirty picture”.
    The changing scenario of BTOWN is a awesome effort of industry…

  • ravika

    kareena you are fabulous and you are the best actress in indian cimema.

  • Aparna

    The movie “heroine” not a worth watch movie……all n all NOT A PAISA WASOOL MOVIE

  • Bapi

    Heroin is not a bad movie, but also its not a too good movie.
    Film is very predictable. Its can’t get even 5% of Madhur’s previews awesome movies like page3,corporate,traffic signal.

    My rating for Heroin is 2.5/5

    My rating for Barfi is 4/5

  • henry

    kareena is super, no one can play that role . Only kareena alone. she is shining among the star.

  • tapan singh

    Kareena heroin film super acting nastional award wining performance and very hot i love you kareena.

  • jargan

    Heroine is a great movie and loved kareena

  • Emir

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  • mini

    heroine is a good movie,which shows a struggling actor,only thing is director have actually potrayed kareena of some one who jus couldnt take any good decisions, basically a loser, bollywood gave a so many chances, its she who couldnt grab it. heroine is not abt bollywood actually its about a women who just wasnt a fighter. Bebos acting was excellent, thats the good part abt the movie, the bad part is it keeps the viewer on a string till the end yet does not provide a very positive ending. quiting is not victory. i think the writer and director didn get that one right:(