HEROINE song: Kareena Kapoor gets naughty in Halkat jawaani

Kareena adds sizzle to this much-hyped, but listless item number

Reigning B-town queen Kareena Kapoor’s raunchiest dance number from Madhur Bhandarkar’s ambitious film Heroine is finally out for everyone to see. But sadly its not raunchy and neither is it sexy, mainly because of the jaded dance moves! It’s only Bebo’s Vidya Balan act that saves Halkat jawaani from becoming an absolute no-show.

From her hot-bod (that thankfully now has the right curves at the right places) and her bindass attitude (biting lips and winking) to the luscious latkas and jhor ka jhatkas make Halkat jawaani worth a dekko more than once. But does it look vulgar like many of the recent item songs? Nope. And we think the begum of the new Nawab of Pataudi must have ensured that a certain class and elegance are maintained even while doing the sizzling act!

However, Halkat Jawani’s forgettable lyrics and indistinct melody don’t make us jump out of our cushy seats and groove. So our verdict is that this Heroine song is a pleasant watch, all thanks to the hottie Heroine. But will the song climb the musical charts and topple the likes of Chamelis and Anarkalis to become one of the best item numbers in B-town? We doubt!

Watch Kareena at her naughtiest best in Halkat Jawani and tell us what you think!

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