Hey Kareena Kapoor Khan, you can borrow some post maternity weight loss advice from Kim Kardashian

Kareena Kapoor Khan is inching close to her due date. If reports are to be believed and if our math is right then she’ll probably give birth anytime around first or second week of December. And as we speak of her pregnancy, Bebo stated something interesting at a few interviews. There’s a lot of stuff that is on cards for the actress including going back to size zero! In an interview, Kareena stated how she would love to go back to her size zero days post pregnancy. Her quote said, “I’m a little less nervous about the rest of my pregnancy as I am about getting back into shape. After all, I have the size zero tag to live up to.” So you see, she does plan to break down to a fitness regime as soon as her baby is born. And guess what, we just got one for her, courtesy Kim Kardashian!

The reality TV star, who gave birth to her second baby, Saint West, shed around 60 pounds! Shocking, isn’t it? Kim was hell bent on losing weight and going back to her 2010 physique (which she did!). KimK basically gave herself three months to lose all the extra pounds she gained as she was to be featured on GQ magazine. To everyone’s shock, she lived up to her word and lost a lot of weight. Remember the naked photoshoot she did for the magazine this year? If not, you can check it out here. This proves that her fitness regime and workouts were very helpful. We thought, hey Kareena, perhaps this could be your way to shedding those extra pounds and going back to size zero! Scroll below and check out how Kim startled the world with her weight loss story.

Rationale measures to be taken by nutritionist
With Kim’s aggressive pursuit, her nutritionist Colette Heimowitz, planned a strict but smart diet for her. Heimowitz explains how it is essential for her to produce enough breast milk so as not to compromise with that. “I wanted her to be prepared for a slow, steady weight loss rather than a dramatic, fast weight loss,” states the nutritionist. “Everyone wants to lose fast, right away. I gave her a nutritionist’s rationale why slow and steady is better in her predicament.” Bebo too should hire a dietician and nutritionist to plan out a healthy diet for her.

Balance of healthy food on plate
Having a responsibility of a newborn, Kim has to have a diet which comprises of several nutrients, proteins and high fiber carbohydrates. According to Heimowitz, Kardashian’s day started with a breakfast of two eggs with cheese and spinach, a snack of Greek yogurt with blueberries and slivered almonds. For lunch, the menu would consist, a salad with creamy dressing, another snack of hummus and vegetables. Dinner had an altogether lesser amount of food with that of chicken breast, broccoli, and salad. Wow. “The key to success is the carbohydrates are low enough that the body burns fat for fuel,” Heimowitz said. “You’re eating five, six times a day, so you’re not hungry. You’re satisfied, you’re satiated, and you’re less tempted to cheat.”

Keep oneself highly motivated at all times
The key to any pursuit is to make sure the motivation level is always high. A similar thing that even the 36 year old reality TV star followed during her relentless strife. A celebrity basically has the entire world, waiting to see them post pregnancy. So obviously a certain pressure is there. But the key to deal with it is simple, motivate yourself with whatever puts a smile on your face. For Kim, it was Snapchatting her workouts. Perhaps, Bebo can also do the same. Not Snapchat of course (She doesn’t like social media much) but whatever makes her go!

Hit the gym on a daily basis
Okay, that was a little obvious. Kim did it and so might Kareena. The first thing, in fact, that celebs usually do to tone down into their desired body is by hitting the gym. Kardashian constantly kept her social media filled with workout videos. Evidently, it helped her. Gym is probably one of the most necessary things to do post pregnancy but again, one needs to be careful of the kind of workout regimes to be picked as it shouldn’t have repercussions.

Cut down on intake of sweets
At the end of the day, it’s all about what you eat. The food intake and the kind of food needs to be curbed to lose weight. That majorly includes sweets as well. While we all have that sweet tooth that needs some satiation but it’ll have to suffer just a bit. KimK too, put a stop to her sweets habit as she didn’t let craving for sweets get the better of her. She was resilient and did not give in to her temptations. Another thing Bebo will have to follow to go back to her famous size zero!

Sigh. Kim Kardashian definitely let her body go through a lot to gain her usual form. Kareena, having stated how she will start working a month post the birth of her first child, might have to go through a very stringent diet. Not just diet but a strict fitness regime and as you can see, there’s a lot of stuff to do in order to reduce weight. For her to achieve the size zero or even close to that target, the actress will have to go through a lot of strenuous workouts. We just hope that she is able to break KimK’s record of three months and lose weight before that! What do you say, BollywoodLifers?

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