Highway Diaries: The latest episode shows Alia Bhatt and Randeep Hooda’s journey to Tabo

Highway Diaries are short video snippets that capture the journey of the film and all the exciting experiences that the cast and crew had during its making

Films capture journeys but in Imtiaz Ali’s much-awaited Highway, the journey has made the film. Starring Alia Bhatt and Randeep Hooda, Highway traverses six states of north India and captures the landscape of the different regions as it goes along.

In the latest episode of Highway diaries, the crew of the film is seen driving through the narrow and perilous roads of the Himachal with continuous landslides on their way to Tabo. Suddenly a big stone falls from the mountains and smashes the wind screen of one of their cars, forcing them to stop and wait for the machines to clear the road. The dangers of the road are overshadowed by the stunning panorama that these higher reaches of Himachal offer. The video diary ends with Alia Bhatt delivering her lines that rightly describe the breathtaking location, “Tumne kabhi bataya nahi ki duniya aisi bhi hai, unbelievable!”

Watch the video to see the beautiful roads of Himachal on your computer screens. We must say that these episodes of Highway diaries have brought out the essence of the places really well. We can’t wait to watch Highway. What about you peeps?