Highway movie review: Alia Bhatt and Randeep Hooda starrer has everything, but a strong and believable story line!

Highway movie review: Alia Bhatt and Randeep Hooda starrer has everything, but a strong and believable story line!

This cinematic journey starts with a bang, but eventually you want this journey to end as soon as possible

Imtiaz Ali moves away from his ‘typical’ romantic comedy and goes on to make a road movie, which has romance, drama and some unintentional comedy. But will this experiment spell success for him? Unfortunately, no. Imtiaz’s latest offering, Highway starring Alia Bhatt and Randeep Hooda has everything, but a strong a story line. Now, that wasn’t expected from someone who is known for his story telling. Frankly, we had a lot of expectations from Highway considering Imtiaz has given us some entertaining films like Socha Na Tha, Jab We Met, Love Aaj Kal and Rockstar, but we were disappointed with Highway in many many ways.

The first half of the film is quite promising, but the film fails to make any sense in the second half. The situations that are created in the film are quite forced and are hard to believe, something unlike most Imtiaz films. Let’s just put it this way – Imtiaz has created a fantasy world of his own in the movie.

Plot: A rich Delhi family is prepping up for their daughter’s wedding. However some days before the wedding ceremony, the bride-to-be Veera (played by Alia), who is frustrated with all the rasamo rivaaz decides to go on a secret drive with her fiance. As they are returning home, they stop to fill the petrol, where they witness a robbery and ultimately Veera is kidnapped by that gang which is being led by Mahabir Bhatti (played by Randeep Hooda), her selfish fiance sits inside the car, scared for his life. But this gang is shocked when they realize that this girl is the daughter of a rich and powerful businessman of the city. Bhatti decides not to step back and takes Veera from one location to another or should we say from one be-au-ti-ful location to other. Surprisingly, Veera, who despite being kidnapped starts enjoying the air of freedom doesn’t want this journey outside Delhi, from Rajasthan to Punjab and finally Himachal Pradesh to end. Everything was fine till here, until just before the interval, Veera starts to open up and narrate storries about her traumatic childhood. Post the interval, we come to know that even Mahabir has a deep secret from his bachpan which makes it quite obvious that Veera and Mahabir are bound to become one.

After a long wait, the film finally reaches it’s climax, but completely falls flat. You just don’t know what’s going on in the last 30 minutes of the film. Also we have witnessed ‘two strangers meet each other and fall in love’ concept earlier in movies like Anjaana Anjaani and Imtiaz’s earlier film Jab We Met. So this is not something new to us. Moreover, the film moves at painful pace that you hoping and praying that this journey ends as soon as possible. Although we must say that Highway is a visual delight that you don’t want to miss. All thanks to Anil Mehta’s cinematography and A R Rahman‘s soulful background score and beautifully composed songs are a delight. Let’s just say, it’s these stunning visuals and amazing background score that sustains your interest in the film. Highway may not be a typical Imtiaz Ali film, but it surely has some typical Imtiaz Ali elements.

Performances: Alia has improved a lot as an actor. Having said that, there are moments when you might get irritated with her. But then again, she is relatively new in showbiz, so we can’t really complain. Her de-glam avatar in her second film totally works for her as opposed to her glamorous look in her debut film Student Of The Year. She just proves that she is here to stay.

Randeep on the other hand portrays his role exceptionally well. Over the last few years, Hooda has surely evolved as a fine actor with some mind-blowing performances in films like Once Upon A Time In Mumbai, Bombay Talkies among others. He catches that North Indian dialect really well and carries off that rugged look decently.

Our verdict: As said earlier, Highway has everything. Stunning visuals, riveting backround score, peppy songs and good performances by the lead actors. All it lacks is a strong and believable plot. We just wish it was more practical and realistic.

On the whole, Highway is just a holiday trip that is being narrated and nothing else. It’s your choice – if you wanna give it a miss or then go drive along this highway.

Rating: 2 out of 52 Star Rating

Reviewed by Vinod Talreja

* Poor

** Average

*** Good

**** Very good

***** Excellent

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  • yay highway

    highway is a great movie…at least much better than the “naach-gaane” waale masala movies! and both alia and randeep are fabulous actors. They are simply amazing. Imtiaz is as usual great in his direction. It would be very unfair if I don’t mention A.R Rahman. He is extraordinary in his music. His music is the life of highway….the main reason to watch it. He proves that soft and melodious songs are no less than the party songs and are equally desirable! Below are the links of some websites where I thought the review of highway was honest and sincere. No offence:)



  • nikhil kumar

    i don’t get it a crap movie like gunday deserves 4 stars and a awesome movie like highway deserves just 2 stars .Guys don’t go by the review highway is better than all the bollywood movies released in 2014

    • yay highway

      you are absolutely correct! Don’t know what’s wrong with these reviewers??!!
      Highway is superb. A must-watch! Much better than Gunday, Hasee toh Phasee etc. etc. Should make more money than these! Actually, honestly I don’t care about what money it makes. This movie will be a winner….always, no matter how much money it makes:)

  • rahul

    a must watch movie

  • Raj

    I really do not understand what kind of mind our critics holds. I have been in US and I have reviewed foreign critic’s reviewings a lot of times. Highway is definately an incredible movie that noone can miss, Actually should not miss. Imtiaz Ali is kind a person to whom I really wana meet and talk to. He has a great visions of his own that not even hollywood can meet. A.R Rehman and Anil Mehta another names in it.

    At the end I just want to give 4.5 honest stars to it. Music and teh cinematography is stunning enough that may take to dreams ,


    • yay highway

      Your words are really convincing and truthful:)

  • Ali

    Dear Mr. Talreja,
    It is highly disheartening to see your “verdict” on Highway. 2 stars! Seriously? And Alia Bhatt was irritating but you’d give it a pass because she’s a newbie? You must be kidding! She has delivered an exceptional performance. It is a brilliant movie and a welcome break from non-sense khan-starer stuffs which have been hitting the cinemas recently.

    Had the star cast been stronger, this movie would have got more-than-5-star ratings.

    Please be really “critical” while giving reviews. This movie def deserves a 4!

    • yay highway

      Absolutely true:)

    • Ali

      This movie atleast deserves 4 stars. whats wrong with these reviewers??

  • Vikash Sharma

    CLICK TO SEE WHO IS THE BEST ACTRESS OF INDIA AND WHY http://guruofmovie.blogspot.in/2013/11/shruti-haasan.html

  • harryshares

    Imtiaz Ali said Sajid Nadiadwala (Producer of this film) that don’t pay money to all of these sold reviewers and we are all witnessing results. How somebody can think that India will be corruption free someday, because in a movie review people try to earn money… there should not be problem for politicians who atleast spend money at the time of election. HA HA

  • Mizza

    That awkward moment when IMDb rates Highway an 8/10, whereas Gunday only gets 1.2/10. TBH, your reviews are pretty messed up Bollywood Life. #justsayin’

  • karansingh1991

    Highway deserves a single star ,but don’t knw how it got 2 :-D ,, Really a boring nd poor story lines

  • Coolplay

    it is 5 out 5 movie, just a great movie. Music is like a dream…. Should watch movie…

    • Ali

      True, it really deserves 5 out of 5.

  • dr. manik agarwal

    A visual appetiser & strong acts
    by alia amongst the backdrops of never seen before indian locals & sounds
    & the maverick behind, imtiaz sir..

    ..A second timer & such amazing
    performance, this foster daughter of an acclaimed director has dispelled all my
    notions of that student of the year , being just another easy launchpad !!!

    This film definitely belongs to
    veera, the lead protagonist & a strong contender for best actress.. She
    oozes life in her role, thanks to her young, highly expressive photogenic face
    & brilliant acting.. Mind you, those who have been criticising her act just
    check out her monologue at the end & one where she is seen precariously sitting
    atop a boulder in the midst of a water source & expressing her grief &
    enjoyment one by one..

    Especially heart rendering are the
    scenes between her & hooda, whose romance grows ,albeit slowly but us
    sparkling especially when the guy is seen teasing by the girl..

    The other lead character too gives a
    solid act only to be overshadowed by her..

    But the real HERO of the movie is the
    director imtiaz, the man behind such successful superhits .. It takes real guts
    to leave the masala romcoms & jump into making something so different, so
    very hatke.. Plus making the not so known actors to perform & leave us
    spellbound!!! Be it capturing exquisite
    indian terrains, moods or the leading lady
    , it must have been a real thought provoking process … Sir, you definitely deserve
    a standing ovation.

    With little background score but
    great sound design & capturing, one can almost feel the silence as well as
    the gush of flowing river, our award winning export to west, is indeed a
    maestro at his work complemented so very well by Anil Mehta, capturing hues n
    moods of India never before seen.. Watch him capture, alia resting her face
    over a small fountain of sorts, stupendous!!!

    Some great beats, typical rehman
    style keep the mood up..

    Only lacuna being script, if only it
    could have been stronger & faster paced!!!

    Not for people who form the real
    chunk behind success of masala blockbusters…


  • dr. manik agarwal

    & all those going gaga over gunday making it earn a bounty, imdb a credible name in the world of cinema rates gunday as 1.2 down from 4.8 a week ago. ha

  • Nads

    This movie deserves 5* , the acting both from Alia & Randeep blew us away, Im not surprised that you guys think this movie is only a 2, is it cos it lacks of the typical bollywood masala songs and the twists and turns, THIS MOVIE IS A MUST WATCH, the story is truly believable, love love love this movie.

  • A

    Mr. Vinod Talreja… suggest you find another occupation as you are no good at this one. Welcome to international movies and highway definitely belongs to that category!!!!