Himesh Reshammiya takes on Shahrukh Khan

The music composer-singer-turned actor is not scared of releasing his Dumadumm! on the same weekend as SRK’s RA.One

After the failure of his last four films – Karz, Radio, Kajrare and A Love Isshtory – Himesh Reshammiya is trying to make his comeback with the small-budget comedy Dumadamm. Though the singer has admitted that he got carried away with his stardom, it looks like he is still in no mood to accept defeat. RA.One is one of the biggest movies of this year and it is slated to release on the Diwali weekend (October 26). And when Himesh realised that his film’s release (October 27) will clash with that of RA.One, he decided not to back out. Himesh is not afraid to take on King Khan it seems. Recently, the singer-actor said he doesn’t think he’s taking a risk by releasing his small-budget film on the same weekend as Shahurkh Khan’s magnum opus. RA.One is a big entertainer but I feel that during Diwali, people will also like to see a light comedy like ours. Shahrukh’s film is huge and will be occupying most of the screens. Ours is a small film and we don’t require too many screens anyway,” said Himesh in a television interview to UTV stars. Guess Himesh wants to cash in on the RA.One buzz and thinks that those who don’t get the tickets to Shahrukh’s movie might settle for his film. No matter what they say about your acting skills, Himesh, one thing is for sure, you are a brave man!