Himmatwala dialogue promo: Ajay Devgn wants his ancestral property back!

Ajay Devgn looks funny even while angry in this hilarious dialogue promo from the movie

The original Himmatwala was all about super-filmi dialogues. Be it the funny ones or the sad soppy ones – the quick and snappy one-liners made it a cult film. So if any remake of Himmatwala has to be justified, it better have similar dhamakedaar dialogues!

And seems that director Sajid Khan realised this fact. So in this dialogue promo, we see Ajay Devgn demanding the papers of his ancestral mansion from Mahesh Manjrekar and Paresh Rawal. He gives them a two-day deadline and wants the documents exactly on the third day. And as a funny Paresh mutters something in his nasal twang about why exactly three days, Ajay delivers a total filmi coup of a dialogue! Check out the video to know what it is!

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