Himmatwala remake: How different is Ajay Devgn’s film from the original?

By the looks of it, seems like this Ajay Devgn starrer is all tacky and over the top

The 1983 Himmatwala starring Jeetendra was no doubt cheesy, loud and completely predictable. Yet, it did make a superstar out of Sridevi, and cemented Jeetendra’s reputation as Jumping Jack – the master of dance!

The movie was a huge hit since its story fit really well with the times and the music struck an immediate chord with the audience. With Jeetendra, the wronged son returning as a hot shot engineer, to salvage his dad’s reputation who was framed by a rich landlord, and getting jiggy with the man’s daughter who ruined his family, the movie had enough masala to cook up a spicy storm on screen, and it did do that. For its times, it was a blockbuster and still there’s a whole generation raving about it, considering it’s a part of sweet nostalgia.

And now Sajid Khan wants to get the hysteria back. A couple of points that stand out as grossly wrong…for starters, the ’80s was a fabulously un-slick era where white shoes and medieval costumes had captured the audience’s and the Bollywood fashion designer’s imagination. So it was no accident really, when Jeteendra danced to Nainon mein sapna in white shoes. No, he wasn’t trying to be funny! But now Sajid Khan is trying to make it funny, but in vain!

And judging by the trailers, Sajid may just have ruined a whole generation’s memories. Ajay Devgn is trying to act funny in the remake while dancing, whereas Jeetendra was doing path-breaking stuff at that time! The fashion too was quite remarkable if one were to look at it closely, with Jeetendra’s carefully gelled hair-do and multi-coloured tees, it was quite smart. But with Ajay fighting with temple bells and taking on tigers by wearing stonewash denim jackets and big white sports shoes, it just doesn’t seem to work.

Oh, and music wise, it is Bappi Lahiri at his peak vs Sajid-Wajid who churn out similar sounding numbers; clearly a one-sided contest! So let us know what you feel about the 80s superhit movie vs this one – is SK’s Himmatwala getting you nostalgic or are you plain irritated?