Himmatwala song Bum pe laat: Ajay Devgn kicks Tamannaah’s butt!

In this hilarious number, Ajay Devgn brings together all the kids to kick the backsides of the rich and snooty folks

Today, when movies increasingly feature hot and sexy item numbers, we wonder why would a filmmaker decide to incorporate a kiddie song in an action film. The track Bum pe laat, from Sajid Khan‘s upcoming film Himmatwala, is a fun number performed at Tamannaah’s birthday party. The song starts with an insensitive Tamannaah mouthing Sridevi’s famous dialogue “I hate gareebs!” as Ajay Devgn enters the party. Ajay doesn’t like her snooty attitude and gathers all the little kids around and goes into an assault mode on the pretty babe!

Composed by Sajid Wajid and sung by Shaan, it is very much a copy of the popular children’s song Boogie Woogie with identical beats and music. Come to think of it, Bum pe laat feels out of place in an action-comedy like Himmatwala. It sounds more like the track that was missing in the movie Joker!

Check out the fun song and tell us what you feel.