Hit-and-run case: Is Salman Khan nervous?

The Dabangg Khan has been eagerly awaiting hit and run case court hearing, but looks like Salman will have to wait longer…

Salman Khan’s hit and run case hearing has been pushed further ahead, reason – the judge who is to hearing this case is on leave. Salman recently moved to the Bombay High Court seeking dismissal of complaint filed against him in a magistrate’s court with regards to the hit and run case. Sallu wanted the court  to hear  his lawyer’s petition and the prosecution and decide if the evidence produced earlier by the magistrate is to be considered or the trial should start afresh. The actor was eager to know if the court would quash the contempt of court case for posting details of the court case on his website. With an impending court order the Wanted star has become nervous. Salman‘s 11-year-old case has been an unpleasant memory for the star.

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