Holiday: A Soldier Is Never off Duty movie review: Strictly for Akshay Kumar fans

Holiday: A Soldier Is Never off Duty movie review: Strictly for Akshay Kumar fans

From the Vipul Shah franchise comes yet another venture, Holiday directed by A.R Murgadoss. With a motive to instill a sentiment of patriotism amongst the viewers along with demanding respect for the Army, the makers have brought forth Holiday to spread the message. But does the film succeed in doing the same? Read our review to know more…

Holiday features Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha in leading roles. Seen in supporting roles are Govinda, Sumeet Raghavan and Freddy Daruwala. Holiday is said to be a remake of 2012 Tamil film Thuppakki. Here’s what we thought about the Hindi version by A.R Murgadoss…

 What’s it about

Virat Bakshi (Akshay Kumar) is a Captain in DIA (Defence Intelligence Agency), a wing of the Indian Army. He returns to his hometown for a holiday, but is set off on a mission rather than bunking it out in his room. His mission involves tracking down sleeper agents in Mumbai as he discovers their plan to blast six different areas simultaneously, within the city. His ultimate quest is to find the leader of the sleeper cells played by Freddy Daruwala. He is helped by his police inspector companion, played by Sumeet Raghavan. The plot running on parallel lines, involves Saiba( Sonakshi Sinha) who is a boxer and is Virat’s love interest in the film.

 What’s hot

Akshay steals the show with his dare devil stunts and action scenes. He looks every bit an Army man and thankfully does justice to the role. Known for his deadly stunts and mighty kicks, there’s no beating Akki when it comes to action. Apart from Akshay, Sumeet Raghavan is surprisingly a treat to watch. Perfect comic timing topped with witty one liners, Raghavan has managed to create an impact with his character. Along with this, the sudden twist in the story is interesting. Where this film starts out with the cliched “girl hates boy and vice-versa” nonsense, it grows intense with a scene showcasing the first bomb blast followed by Akshay Kumar’s chasing sequence. The action stunts although hideously defying the entire law of science on the whole, still manage to create that “wow” effect. The best part about the whole movie is a Labrador, yes a dog. We won’t give it all away…

 What’s not

Sonakshi Sinha disappoints us in Holiday.There isn’t much she has to do apart from being in the songs and dancing with Akshay. Freddy Daruwala on the other hand would win “the best looking villain” contest if there was one. However this villain falls flat when it comes to convincing the audience of his sheer monstrosity. The plot of the movie starts on an appealing note, but gradually loses its marbles. Certain scenes are unintentionally funny. For instance there’s a scene where Akshay Kumar twists the bones of his fractured arm to their original place, and continues to fight the villain. At this stage, one would be certain that logic isn’t one of the strong points of the film. Another “not hot” aspect of this film is the limited role of Govinda. Where we wished to see more of Govinda and less of Sonakshi, the makers to our utter disappointment, evidently didn’t agree. The music of the film (by Pritam) fails to make us hum the tunes. Although the dance sequences manage to grab eyeballs with their unique choreography, the songs are worth a miss. Although setting out to change our notion of the Army and representing the functioning of terrorist networks to create a general awareness, Holiday creates a different impact instead where the viewer is left confused with the entire plot and is forced to question the pretentious sentiment of integrity depicted in the film.

 What to do

Watch it for Akshay and his amazing ability to make even the unreal stuff look real!

Rating: 3 out of 53 Star Rating

Reviewed by Rukmini Chopra

* Poor

** Average

*** Good

**** Very good

***** Excellent

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  • akshay gujju

    THis is a fake news .

    ANd stop this type of fake news as people are aware that how serious this movie is .

    A must watch movie for every Indian.

    And a SUPER HIT of the yr

  • rohan

    Superhit………..bollywoodlife always post against akki,……….check all their articles

  • Madhava Rao

    ONLY Akshay Fans? You PaiKhan reject eaters at this rag of a site want to pull down Akshay’s superb movie. Yet you had to settle with 3/5 !

  • kG

    The anti Muslim sentiments are becoming very high pitched with loud and stupid movies like this. India is in danger of becoming a terrorist state as run by Modi and now this irresponsible movie. If there is a god ,I hope he protects every one from dangerous politicians and terrible movies like this. Can’t somebody stop Akshay from making so many bad movies!

    • Madhava Rao

      You are a rabid moslem filth and Akshay’s movie is a great one and shows the reality. How can anyone deny the existence of Moslem sleeper cells in India and elsewhere?

      • kG

        Well,my friend between the two of us I think you are a rabid idiot since I clearly state that if there is a god. Now what rabid Muslim would doubt the existence of god. I am not a believer in any god but I know people like you will kill in his name. Or worst ,you sound like you will kill somebody if he says something bad about Akshay movie. Kya Teri Maa kaa boyfriend hai ?

        • Aaryamaa

          No, you are a rabid moslem filth who is just masquerading as one who doesn’t believe in God. That Rao dude was right. F*** off to Saudi Arabia where you belong.

          • kG

            Well,I have f… Off from India. In fact my entire family did! Thank you very much. I am only half Kashmiri but I strongly believe Kashmir should stay with India. Why would any sensible person want to live like Pakistan? Things were much better when these crazy radical were not around. I used to visit Kashmir every year but I haven’t been there since high school. I miss it a lot. My mom couldn’t go for her own mother’s funeral because it is so unsafe.
            But YouSee ,I hate fanatics of all backgrounds. I know that in India Muslims have been the main victims of Hindo radicalism. I was in India when the riots were taken place in the 1990′s. If there was a movie that encouraged violence against Hindos ,I would speak out against it. Probably even more strongly.
            But from your hateful responses I can tell that you are just as fanatical as those Muslims you hate so much.
            For the record I hate Saudis more than any other people in the world!

    • Indian

      Do you know about BOKO HARAM and Popular Front Of India

      • kG

        No,I am not Indian . But I can imagine what they are!

        • El

          KG, first mind your language and respect. Before pointing fingers at others look at yourself and see what negativity you are bringing by your comments on this site. If you have problem with India, then don’t watch Indian movies and why are you even on an India movie review site. Stay away from it. Treat others how you want to be treated. What are you getting by this kind of hate and negativity. Be a good human first.

          • kG

            WTF,you guys want me to give up my Indian identity because I criticized a movie? I believe in total freedom of speech but if a popular idiom is socially irresponsible or a politician who rises to the top by playing up hatred then I have the right to speak up. Come yaar, I just criticized a movie! If you actually read what I wrote you will see my love for India.

          • kiran

            If u r critizising a movie, do stay on the subject and let others know y u critizing….. All i c is u fighting with others with vauge arguments like how indian muslims r victimised. U were here 24 years ago. So it doesnt mean that u have live experience of wht is happening now. There wont b any indian hindu/christian who dont have atleast 1 muslim friend. Things change with time bro.

    • Guest
    • Indian
      • kG

        Well,I don’t know who he is but clearly he is a hate monger. I hate the likes of him too. I know the world is full these crazies who use the name Allah like they know him personally and ask young people to commit violence. He is clearly evil but then so is Modi ,I don’t like either one!

  • shal

    What Sonakshi disappoints??? u need bollowood masala dance in patriotism movie??? pathetic review… who allowed you to write movie review???

  • Ankit Dalal

    The movie is really good and depicts the life of a soldier. Though there is some unnecessary love story, but still a 1 time worth watch movie. Akki rocks as always. Awesome personality of a soldier.
    My ratings 3.5/5

  • sanz

    Definately a worth watch movi wid a gr8 msg…and there is no anti muslim in dis mvi sleeper cer can b anyone so better keep mouth shut and whoever give dis review is stupid n idiot person who dnt knw abt d cinema…and ya akshay is superb gives d best movie to his fans till date

  • pavan

    It was very good & message oriented movie……………

  • NIkhil Jain


  • Abhi

    Just came home after watching the late night show….Great fun patriotic movie with a touching end….I have read so much about sleeper cells and most of what they have shown in movie is what it is in real as well… Go watch it guys…after a long time a good Bollywood action comedy with a hint of masala movie with a message to think about…feel good movie for sure….