Hollywood stars lie about Bollywood, fuelled by Indians

Hollywood stars lie about Bollywood, fuelled by Indians

Tom Cruise watches Hindi films, and Robert Pattinson claims that he loves DDLJ. Really?

The Indian media rolled over, wagged their tails and panted in ecstasy when the august Hollywood personage that is Tom Cruise said that he’d act in a Bollywood film, sort of. “I love watching Hindi movies. There are many Hindi movies that come out every year but I do watch a few of them. If offered a Bollywood film I would never say no. I would love to do it,” were Cruise’s exact words. He was speaking at the world premiere of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol in Mumbai. Now, there is no point calling Cruise a liar. He’s in front of a huge crowd of fans (many of them who were paid Rs 400 each to show up and cheer, but that’s another story) and he’s never going to say, “a pox on your piddly little industry. Me and Bollywood? Never!” in front of Indian fans and more importantly millions of Indians watching him on television, thanks to the potentially large box office for his films. Of course he would never say no, but there would be qualifiers. If say, for example, Mahesh Bhatt were to offer him Jism 2 opposite pornstar Sunny Leone, would Cruise say yes? Jism 2 is very much a Bollywood film and Bhatt is a Bollywood pillar or at least an outhouse – take your pick. If the hypothetical offer were to be made, it would have to be through the proper channels with agents etc being involved. Then there would be the question of remuneration. Cruise’s average fee for a single film is usually more than the entire budget of a big budget Bollywood film.

The trouble here lies with us. Before every major Hollywood release, the Indian media fires off emails to the film’s PR machine and inevitably there is a question on how the Hollywood megastar likes India and would he or she ever act in a Bollywood film? The reason they do this is because they want the Indian paying public to connect in some way to the Hollywood star because, happily, in India, there is a massive demand for all things Indian first and anything else comes a distant second. Therefore you have any number of stars proclaiming that they love Bollywood. Robert Pattinson claims that he loves DDLJ. Really? So says his PRO. Ask him what the story is about and let’s see if he has a clue. Why, let’s ask Cruise which are his favourite Hindi films and even if he manages to name one or two, he’ll flounder upon deeper questioning. Even Indian origin directors like Manoj Nelliyattu Shyamalan could barely tread water when UTV supremo Ronnie Screwvala asked him in public what his favourite Hindi film was. But Shyamalan is an Indian in denial so maybe that’s not a good example.

The occasional guest appearance by Sylvester Stallone or Denise Richards will keep happening time to time but let’s be candid and face it – no Hollywood star is going to appear in Bollywood in a hurry. And frankly, they don’t want to.


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  • Warpath

    well said, i was getting really tired of this. I know these megastars do not go around saying they want to act in a bollywood movie, cause if i was them..why would I? It would be like downgrading your status. Most if not all Bollywood movies are worse than C-Grade movies made in hollywood..O find it irritating to see indian stars dissing off Hollywood saying they don’t want to act there and the next moment, u see them trying to shake hands or even be in the picture with some hollywood star visiting India..the irony is that its not that they do not want to act in hollywood, its that they don’t really have the talent to make it in hollywood..atleast the American or british born indian stars like Naveen Andrews, dileep rao, and Ben Kingsley have the talent, indian born actors have none…heck Freida Pinto was forced to go to Hollywood because Bollywood didn’t think much of her..in a few years her face will be more recognized than someone like kareena kapoor for instance ..not completely dissing indian cinema, there have been a small proportion of actors born here who are brilliant actors but need a better agent such as Anupam and Kirron Kher, Naseerudin Shah, Tabu and Irrfan Khan…i just wish Hollywood recognized out talented actors instead of looking at the popcorn stars we have running around in bollywood ..

    • Dhruv

      And thats just ur stupid opinion….

    • redmountain

      I concur with everything you said! You just said nothing but the bare truth and the reality that many bollywood worshipping Indians and Indian media fails to see!

      Amen to that!

    • redmountain

      I meant to say that I agree with each and every word with what Warpath said!

    • sam

      Have you ever seen a Russian girl cryng watching KAL HO NA HO??.no iam sure not. Have You ever seen Movies such as “LAGAAN” “SWADES” “RANG DE BASANTI” “TARE JAMEEN PAR” “BARFI” “MOTHER INDIA” “3 Idiots” “WATER”
      “BLUE UMBRELLA” “PURAV AUR PASHCHIM” e.t.c e.t.c – List is so long . you say Bollywood keep on repting same ideas . What about hollywood – a man will go into science lab, an experiment will go wrong on him-and here he becomes the dick face super hero. lotz of gunz, fight, blast distraction and if not enough of that then here comes the ZOMBIES, Wake up its reality. its just that they have budgets and Money to spend as compare to bollywood producers. Otherwise world has took stories from india. If one day some one will make the biggest epic story ever “MAHABHARTA” with very high budget . “LORD OF THE RINGS
      ” will look like a kids movie.

      • Prashant Shekhar

        totally agreed :)

      • Talking body

        hats off to you..your name doesn’t sound indian

  • Rita

    What a stupid article. Tom Cruise is synonym for Hollywood and one of the most famous actors in the world! Indian media sinks so low that when they’re not trying to bash SRK they make up the entire paid fans lies. Sick and cheap media ran by uneducated fools. India is lucky he made time to speak and appear in our country. TC sabse best hai and agar vo Hindi movie pasand karta hai then that’s that. Why are you idiots over thinking and writing rubbish.

  • sarah

    Ptsff he’s just saying it to be nice, tom cruise is to talented to act in an industry that rotates around the same story line every time. I use to like Bollywood movies…but then i grew up and realised how stupid it looks for a heavily built man to be dancing around like he’s 12; in a romance movie? Okey. In a comedy? Okey. But in an action movie? I mean cmon you’ve got to be kidding me.

  • sarah

    Ptsff he’s just saying it to be nice, tom cruise is to talented to act in an industry that rotates around the same story line every time. I use to like Bollywood movies…but then i grew up and realised how stupid it looks for a heavily built man to be dancing around like he’s 12;in a romance movie? Okey. In a comedy? Okey. But in an action movie? I mean cmon you’ve got to be kidding me, the dancing just makes the whole action look like a joke.

    • Talking body

      u basically don’t know anything bout bolly life so stfu.

  • ASIN

    If you would ask Tom Cruise whether Indian Bollywood Actors stinks, his answer would no, “No!” There is no such a thing as body order – all odors are good! So do Indian movies stink? Definitely not! Dont laugh at our funny dances, we take our funny movies very seriously, OK?

  • ASIN

    IF YOU DONT LOVE OUR FUNNY MOVIES AND CALL IT A JOKE, THEN DONT WATCH IT, OK? There are millions who adore our songs sang by a choking lady, millions who admire the likes of the Incredible Hulk dancing a funny dance – I hate that Korean Psy who is grabbing from us the limelight – we have been dancing like crazy but the West never take notice of it. You see, we have the talent to make our movies look like its really coming from talented, smart and good-looking people – this is our talent – OK!!!

  • Adrian

    I LOVE bollywood movies but mostly the older ones (pre-2000), don’t even bother with the new stuff because its not the same, King Uncle, DDLJ, KKHH…these were the best movies ever and really connected with me. I’m sure Bollywood now days make a good few movies but lately they are few…the older bollywood was the greatest!!!

    • Talking body

      yeah..i respect what you say :)

  • akshara