Posted Fri, March 16, 2012 1:50pm IST

The hunky actor tweets sexy photos of himself, much to the delight of Ram Gopal Varma

Girls, watch out! Rana Daggubati is hot! Not that we didn’t know that earlier, but his recent photos are sure to make you drool. He is beefy, sexy and doubly sizzling! Rana has put up photos of “the lean mean, new improved me” on his Twitter page and we just couldn’t stop going all lustful. We know it’s all part of a huge publicity campaign for his next film, Naa Ishtam, but hey, who’s complaining?

As we stared at the photo and thought lascivious thoughts, we realised that we are not the only ones doing so. Rana received cheers of great admiration from an unexpected quarter: Ram Gopal Varma. The director recently worked with Rana in Department, but that doesn’t exactly explain his enthusiastic response to the pictures. When Rana tweeted the first one displaying his fabulous abs, RGV went all gaga and tweeted,“That’s (effing) looking like Rana schwarznegger Daggubati Stallone..Amaaaaazziinnngggg”. The second photo of “my genetically blessed back” generated a one F-word response from RGV. Rana delightedly replied that it was the best review he’s got so far. These guys are taking the term male bonding to a whole new level altogether!

Psst. Wanna know what Rana’s rumoured ex-girlfriend Bipasha Basu had to say? Not much, really, not in a public forum, at least. She tweeted that she loved the first pic, but didn’t say anything about the second one. Wonder why…

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