Hottest babe of Bigg Boss 6: Sana Khan, Karishma Kotak or Mink Brar?

Posted Sat, December 1, 2012 9:45am IST

To make us sit up and take notice of good looking ladies going through their daily chores is a kind-of USP of this reality show, isn’t it? So who delighted you with those killing looks this season?

Yes, we agree there was no Rakhi Sawant (except as a guest), Veena Malik or Sunny Leone to titillate you in the sixth season of Bigg Boss. Probably because Salman Khan, the host, had promised a ‘family-show’ when he declared the Alag che season. Remember? And so shedding any attire to up the babe-quotient was strictly a no-no.

But that doesn’t mean there was a dearth of pretty faces in residence! In fact, a peep into the house revealed quite a handful of ‘decent’ babes – Sana Khan, Karishma Kotak, Mink Brar, Delnaaz Irani, Aashka Goradia, Sapna Bhavnani and Urvashi Dholakia – who were busy playing mind games and completing the assigned tasks in the glass-walled living place.

Who are they? Take a look at this gallery and see for yourselves. And yeah, don’t forget to vote for the hottest babe of Bigg Boss 6 after you do!

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  • Karishma

    Karishma Kotak only single gile inside bigboss hotest girl.

  • Robin

    Karishma is hot, but Sana is the hottest.

  • minal

    karishma kotak is very hottest:)

  • sristi

    we love karishma.she is beautiful frm inside and outside:)

  • rani

    There’s no doubt karishma is way better than any other ladies in bb6 the way she looks fab:)

  • John

    Mink? Seriously have you seen her she’s not even a choice. Can’t tell if she’s even a girl. Imam?lmaooooo p.s. sana is beautiful

  • kreeti

    Karizma karizma and karizma she is truly amazingly gorgeous:)<3<3



  • mamta

    sana khan is cute bt karishma kotak is undoubtedly very hot :-)

  • Reeya

    Karishma is fabulous and perfect and a lot more hotter than other girls ^_^

  • Rob

    Sana ur the best.. I love ur smile <3

  • sneha

    sana n vishal r fabbb !!!!!! hate karishma

  • Vinay

    hey sneha y do u hate karishma!jst because she is gud frm inside and outside.without make up also karishma looks beautiful…sneha dont be so much insecure jst like sana.

  • Fabein

    stupid dumbo Karishma Always chasing Vishal….Auntii Karishma

  • mourin

    Sana is hot and karishma is beautiful and all the other ladies are normal along with imam .

    • nia

      ya i thinks so too…
      well imam is gay

  • kiran

    Sana is hot and beautiful.karishma nice but she look very sad and depressed .

  • AMAN king

    my gf likes u…n i also….karishma u r 2 copy of my gf, hr name is manmeet kour…. luv u

  • priti ray

    i like karishma just becoz she is very cute nd innocent

  • Rick

    Sana….sana…hottest girl in the hole bigg boss series………………and sana I truely love u…….u r hottttttttt

  • somaya negi

    Sana is so beautiful . If karishma is innocent so y she cm again in by boss c is nt simple and innocent ! c Chase vishal Everytm !

  • juhi

    i love karishma becoz she so innocent girl in a bigboss house

  • yaskus


  • Prasad

    I love Karishma kotak…. She is very HOT

  • priya

    sana khan

    • i love sana

      i love sana……….

  • mj

    sana bigg boss ki sabse bekar choice hai,woh waha kya karne gai hai………koi v task tikse nai jan cor kar kisise dosti nai hai …bat bat par dikati hai dost dost ,,,aur delnaz woh to nakab ori hai task may dusre teem k sath affection leti hai..jaha taha apne ko acha dikane ko agge rahti hai woh v cale jaye to show k liye accha hai….

  • Nidzi

    Girls dont comment abt sana shes perfect…i dont care abt the rest xD
    sana no.1 if she wins or not still NO.1

    • salman wanted

      i m very glad and happy with ur beautifull comment….. yes sana is already a winner of many hearts and stoled the show with her beuatifull smile and simply being human… love u sana..<3

      • neha sharma

        sana is a beauty of heart all heart like sana vo sab loser h jo sana ki beauty ko na jaan sake nd uss karishma ko beauty samajte h jo subah hi bakwaas legti h

      • farah

        yup i agree she is very innocent with pure heart luv u sana khan best of luck

    • farah

      yup i agree wid u

  • zara

    Sana is so average looking karishma is wayyyyyyyy prettier than her

    • karishma

      Zara,i totally agree with you.Sana looks horrible without makeup moreover karishma has a clean face.What do u think?? ya i agree sana is a nice girl but not so pretty as karishma.

  • reema

    Sana i like u .don’t like karishma firangi style first hurt then say sorry just like typical firangi.may be some men like her because of her foreign look she can’t win millions of heart India like Sana and aashika .

  • jyoti

    sana is awesome………… i luv u sana…..

  • ashf

    Hiii ashka’s most beuty in bb6 n i think wold beuty contes 1/10 i like her ilove uu soooooo much ashka

    • Usman

      I love you

  • Vishaka

    sana…delu and aaahka…love u…u r the beat

  • priyanka royal

    sana is awsome and perfect good in tha house good one

  • rahul

    Why sana I dont undetstand I saw her face full of pores needs plasting without make up sana looks horrible, well aashka looks good without makeup too she is very beautiful, now the real winner of hottest babe in bigg boss 6 is Karishma Kotak she is got the look beautiful clean face tall and stylish karishma love you baby.

    • karishma

      I agree.

  • rahul

    Sana has a weird voice too but I like her too she is a good girl

  • karishma

    I cant understand that what karishma did with sana;?????????

  • rubina

    sana khan

  • sandya kanwar

    love u sana vote for sana u r win bigboss 6 best of luck love u love u love u all r jealous your beauty jo tumhare liye bad bol rhi h zarA whtever

  • sandya kanwar

    love u sana vote for sana u r win bigboss 6 best of luck love u love u love u all r jealous your beauty jo tumhare liye bad bol rhi

  • sandya kanwar

    vote for sana u r win bigboss 6 best of luck love u love u love u all r jealous your beauty jo tumhare liye bad bol rhi

  • neha sharma

    u r too gud sana

  • kishan bhargava

    i am big fain in big boos
    sanna khan is verry big contested
    she wenar in big boos 6

  • kishan

    sanna is verry hot buty piwerfull and sexy sweet
    big boos 6 ki winar sanna hi banegi kyu ki sanna jesi koi
    bhi nahi hai
    sanna aap ko filmo me apna rol dikhana chahiye kyu ki ab
    aap india me femus ho aap ko log pasand karte hai
    humari duea hamesha aap ke saath hai
    i love you sanna and best of luck

  • kishan

    beautifull sanna khan
    sexy sanna khan
    very sweet smile sanna
    looking so hot sanna without mackup
    hum to mar mite aap ki khul kar hansne ki adaa par
    ese hi hanste rahiye .or big boss ke baad kahi na kahi dikhte rahiye
    i love sanna
    likhna to bahut chahte hai par kya kare ….
    sanna is winar big boos 6

  • Samar

    Sana is a dirty women no shame see what she is doing with mr Rajvir Paul n sitting n kiss when the light is off

  • farah

    sana khan and salman khan looking super cool like a made 4 each other luv u both miss u sana khan