HOUSEFULL 2 music review: Plain silly!

HOUSEFULL 2 music review: Plain silly!

Music director: Sajid-Wajid

Lyrics: Sameer

Rating: 2

While many comedy capers expect you to leave your brains behind, even the music of this Sajid Khan film is mindless

Housefull 2 is supposed to be a comedy and the songs are expected to be entertaining and fun. But the music of Housefull 2 comes nowhere close to the melodies of Dabangg, which was music director Sajid-Wajid’s last big hit.

Anarkali disco chali has nothing new to offer. It’s not the worst item song to come out of Bollywood, because some of the recent numbers like Razia and Jalebi bai have been an assault on our senses. So this one’s bearable, but only if it’s showing on TV and you can’t find your remote control.

Right now now is a straight copy of Akon’s Right now. The lyricist (Sameer) couldn’t even think of new words and has gone right ahead with ‘right now’! It’s one of Akon’s most popular songs in India and was one of the most obvious tracks to lift from. It’s just sad that we can’t even compose our own completely original hip hop number.

Do you know draws inspiration from several oldies- the feel is similar to Humko tumse ho gaya hai pyar from Amar Akbar Anthony, the interlude is like the one in Hoga tumse pyara kaun from Zamane Ko Dikhana Hai and it also reminds you of Jaanu meri jaan from Shaan. Despite all the influences, it doesn’t manage to become appealing enough, romantic enough or cute enough.

Papa to band bajaye is probably the only slightly more entertaining number. The lyrics are just hilarious. It’s actually quite ridiculously imaginative, with lines like principal khud ban jaye, keep quiet rule banaye etc etc. Honestly, anyone could have written the lyrics of this soundtrack; perhaps Sajid could have done it himself. Also, this song is uncannily similar to the popular Australian track We speak no Americano.

Looks like this one’s a totally inspired album. Housefull 2 music is plain silly,  but who cares!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • aakash

    this review is highly biased

  • akshay

    what is this . i think that the songs are rocking and of new taste

  • mubin

    hey…just love the lyrics of “Papa to band bajaye”….silly and hence hilarious :-)

  • denzil

    dear sir,
    we want the housefull2 movie to see on computer

  • preeti

    bollywood songs are getting worst. Must not be advertised on television. There must be ban on such songs where lyrics,costumes are not vievwable

  • sumeet

    Songs are distracting & putting ill effects on mind of children .Must not be shown on television

    • inamuddin

      hi it is very awesome film for us

  • bharath

    fantastic film evergreen movie ………………………………… full of funny