How can Katrina Kaif look less glamorous?

Posted Tue, March 5, 2013 3:17pm IST

News doing the rounds of the B-town circuit says that Katrina Kaif was shown the exit door from Karan Malhotra’s next ‘coz the director thinks that the star is way too glamorous for the role that she had to play opposite Hrithik Roshan

Despite being in the industry for so long, looks like Katrina Kaif has failed to convince people that she has it in her to play all kinds of characters. From taking Hindi diction classes to wearing traditional clothes, KK did everything she had to to make the B-town fraternity believe that she has the potential to be the ultimate desi chick. In fact, her item number Chikni Chameli from Agneepath turned out to be an absolute chartbuster, and in that we got to see the la-di-da babe transform into a desi seductress, serving alcohol to a posse of lusty men and doing it all – from extinguishing a match by swiping it across her tongue to wearing a sexy kashta…designed by Manish Malhotra, of course!

But there is now a problem, we hear. Katrina has been rejected for the role of a desi girl opposite Hrithink Roshan in Karan (Agneepath) Malhotra’s new film. While some say that she didn’t get along too well with Karan when she was shooting for Agneepath and that’s one reason she was not chosen for the role, there are also gossipmongers who are of the opinion that the director genuinely thought KK didn’t fit into the shoes of an ethnic chick.

So what should Kat do to look less glam and more desi?


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  • Dyg

    Frankly, I’m glad Katrina is not in this movie. I don’t like to see her any in ethnic costumes. I always like to see Katrina in a modern style.

  • sal

    Katrina can’t play a traditional india girl coz untill her accent remains she will have to continue playing the foreign indian, its annoying really..she cant act, doesnt speak hindi publicly, hopefully the role will go to someone talented.

  • Karina

    I’m actually pretty happy with Katrina’s exclusion in this film, even though I like her. She wouldn’t suit the role. Imo, Diana Penty would be perfect as the leading lady. Hrithik and Diana are both super attractive, so their jodi would definitely rock!!!!

  • julie

    stick to dirty dancing Katrina…ur true talent

  • zora

    But it is true, I don’t think glamourous is the right word, but Katrina is half-british so obviously she dosen’t look as ethnic as the other inidan girls liek deepika, priyank etc. I’m sure he wanted someone who would look comfortable ina village setting, having katrina in agneepath would have been akward.