How Deepika Padukone discovered the other side of Mumbai

While Bollywood celebs may be globetrotters, they know little about what lies beyond their ivory towers

Since she shifted to Mumbai, after bagging Farah Khan’s Om Shanti Om, she has been the quintessential Bandra girl. Her work may have taken her to the remotest corners of the world, but the Deepika Padukone hadn’t explored most of Mumbai. Now that she has relocated to the town side (Prabhadevi) her outlook towards Mumbai has changed. In a recent interview, she said, “Ever since I moved to town, life has changed for me because in the last four years, Bandra meant Mumbai to me. My new house is in the heart of Mumbai and life has changed for me once again. Here, I feel very connected to our traditional celebrations. I love the charm this area has. I feel pretty settled in my new home.” While it is a good thing that Dippy has started discovering Mumbai, wethinks someone should tell her that there is much more to the Maximum City than just this.