How did Aamir Khan get lost in Gaya?

The Satyamev Jayate actor went astray while travelling for a shoot through the state of Bihar. Read on to know how…

Aamir Khan lost his way while travelling across Bihar. Actually the convoy in which he was travelling to Gehlaur went astray and the actor travelled almost 10 kms in a wrong direction. He was on his way to meet the family members of Dasrath Manjhi who live in this small village in the district of Gaya. His convoy was being escorted by a Bihar police party which, for some reason, took a wrong road and went in a different direction. We wonder what the reason was…

A little birdie informs us that the Dhoom:3 actor got really nervous when he came to know about the situation. Onlookers informed that the goof up, which lasted for about 30 minutes, gave the 3 Idiots actor a lot of anxious moments. Mr Perfectionist looked tensed sitting inside the car and kept on talking to someone on phone to find out the right road leading to Gehlaur.

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So what was the real reason behind the goof up? A source informs that Aamir had just landed in Patna on Tuesday morning and his convoy with the entire crew had left amidst huge police protection. All was good in the districts of Jehanabad and Nalanda where the convoy was given police protection by the respective police from the district. But as soon as the convoy reached Rajgir, the Nalanda police withdrew itself from the convoy and said that from thence on it was the jurisdiction of the Gaya police. But to the amazement there was no security protection from the Gaya police as yet. The Nalanda Police did not tread into the jurisdiction of the Gaya police and took Aamir’s convoy in some other direction just to while away time. Soon phone calls were made by the Nalanda police to their Gaya counterparts and once the police team from Gaya came, Aamir returned back to Rajgir. Thence on the Gaya police took the convoy in the correct road in the right direction.

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What we really appreciate is Bihar Police’s presence of mind. It was good on the part of Nalanda police not to leave Aamir’s convoy in the middle of a maoist-dominated area. They took the convoy on a safe road till the time the Gaya police came to take over the jurisdiction. It feels great to know that Nitish Kumar’s Bihar Police is making the state safe for such high end VIP’s.