How did Arjun Kapoor get a rock hard body for Aurangzeb?

The actor reveals how he got into fighting shape and why he wants to stay that way

The Men’s Health cover this week took us by surprise! The Ishaqzaade actor Arjun Kapoor was seen showing off a freshly chiseled rock hard bod. Well, it’s no secret that before Arjun made his Bollywood debut, the dude weighed a hefty 140 kg. And sure there was improvement in his first film, but the way he has ripped for his upcoming project Aurangzeb is mighty impressive!

It seems Arjun decided to fly in foreign trainers to work on his physique. Initially it was with the British trainer Adam Gethin, who is Chris Gethin’s cousin – the man who helped Hrithik Roshan beef up for Krrish 3. Later, Arjun moved on to work with another trainer Harry Ranson who helped him get in shape. “Harry has really helped me get in shape for the cover shoot. He has really put bodybuilding into perspective for me, and now really there is no looking back. I am going to move on to have an even better physique,” said Arjun, who, although happy with the results, is still a bit perplexed since people don’t believe his physique is for real! “People don’t believe I have achieved it. They think that it’s Photoshop or something!” laments the actor.

Besides months of hard work and dedication that he has put in, it is thanks to the efforts of the two trainers that you’re seeing your chubby star posing as the next Greek God! So look out for his super ripped physique in Aurangzeb and tell us what you feel!