How did Hrithik Roshan beat Shahrukh Khan at his game?

How did Hrithik Roshan beat Shahrukh Khan at his game?

There is a lot of buzz about RA.One being a profitable venture even before its theatrical release, but the Roshans have managed to outdo this feat

Everyone in B-town acknowledges and appreciates the marketing genius of King Khan. For his upcoming super-ambitious home production, RA.One, SRK has charted a strategy that has ensured that his film makes money from all possible sources. He has tied up with a fast food chain, there is merchandise that will be sold; the music of the film is already a whammy of sorts, thanks to Akon’s ‘Chammak challo’ song. Shahrukh has been telling everyone that RA.One will be a benchmark as far as superhero films in Bollywood are concerned. What really surprised us about that ambitious statement is that Krrish 3 has already broken all records in its selling price, reportedly an astronomical Rs37 crore for just the satellite rights, with Rakesh Roshan selling each territory to different distributors (not selling the film outright to one corporate house) and making a pile in the bargain. All this, even before the shooting of the film has begun. This is a first for Bollywood and puts Hrithik Roshan way ahead of the Badshah of Bollywood. The Roshans get brownie points for their superhero film because they will be shooting it in 2D which will be later converted to 3D; RA.One was shot uni-dimensionally and will be converted to 3D, which is nowhere close to the real deal. For now, we are excitedly waiting for Diwali, when RA.One will finally hit the big screen. Will it live up to all the hype? We wonder….

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  • Sara

    This website really has something against Shahrukh Khan and Ra.One in particular. Will you guys please grow up?

    • jeevan

      who told hrithik is superhero . how we can compare hrithik with superstar shahrukh khan . he is king of bollywood and superhero of indian cinema . he is oneman army . no one come his foot feet

      • suresh

        srk is the best, he is the king

        • Khilari_Kumar

          Hrithik Roshan darpook hai
          Salman Khan say dar gya apni film (ZNMD) us ki film (READY)kay saath release nahi ki jab kay us nay pehlay release date final ki thi phir dar gay – ZNMD Hit due to Katrina Kaif warna is film main us kay siwa kuch dekhnay ko nahi hai; waisay katrina kaif bhi hrithik roshan say bari super star hai, jis kay saath aati us ko hit kar daiti hai.

          Regarding comparison with Shah Rukh Khan (King of Bollywood) yeah tu mazzaq hai. SRK is far better than bacha Hrithik Roshan.

          • Saurabh

            kstrina akele koi picture ni chala sakti,,,, he hi nahi kuch usme aisa ,,aur jb hrithik aur sharukh khud friends hen yaar itne acche to tum log kyun lad rahe ho

  • manup

    cant imagine a 40+ haggard looking man as superhero
    hrithik did mentally challenged in KMG
    SRK did it in MNIK
    hrithik then did superhero in Krrish
    SRK is doing superhero in RA1
    SRK is following hrithik footsteps


    hrithik is the best

  • Kafeel

    Hrthik is much better dan sharukh khan as a indian super hero…
    So…only “krrish” is super hero of india like dat spider man…

    • ashish.srk.3

      Shahrukh khan is best actor in world he came in 8 position in best 200 actors so srk is better than of all stars of bollywood and hollywood

  • Akash

    SRK has been defeating Hritik for last 10 years…Hritik wants to be more popular in overseas than SRK for this he made movie like kites…But SRK is still ahead of him in happiness, in money and in popularity…Superhero style se nahi dil se bante hai…SRK has huge heat that’s why he himself said that krrish will be bigger than RaOne in an interview..LuvSRK

  • dinesh

    grow up guys.. this writer is sick.. no matter who the competition is. its always SRK who wins. be it salman vs SRK, aamir vs SRK, hrithik vs SRK, akshay vs SRK, sjay vs SRK… SRK is way ahead of them. SRK rocks and i would request the writer to please stop posting such articles. ridiculous

  • Bhaskarjyoti

    It’s Hrithik who’s beating SRK since his debut dude. I’ll tell u how…??
    1) Kaho naa pyaar hai v/s Mohabbatein
    KNPH did better business den Moha……..n. HR won da best debut n best actor filmfare award.
    2) Koi Mil Gaya v/s Kal ho na ho
    KMG did more business den KHNH. N Hrithik won da Best actor critic as well as popular best actor award.
    3) KRRISH n Dhoom:2 v/s Kabhi alvida…. n DON
    Both KRRISH n D:2 did better business den DON n KANK. Hrithik won da best actor award.
    4) Jodha Akbar v/s Rab ne bana d jodi
    Once again Hrithik beg da best actor award.
    SRK myt b da KING bt HR is da ‘EMPEROR’ Got it…..??

    • MD

      You are right. But Hrithik will still need so many years to be able to overtake SRK’s position in the industry!

  • MD

    SRK is the best in romantic roles but superhero roles are more suited Hrithik Roshan! And coming to the real facts, as far as boxoffice earnings are concerned, SRK hasn’t beaten either Amir or Salman. It is Amir who is holding the top position with 3 Idiots. Let’s pray Ra.1 breaks previous records or else how the film industry will go forward! Guys, I don’t have any grudge against SRK. I am just telling the truth!

  • tiana

    I truly wonder how many useless articles would be written if one day COMPARISONS were banned in Bollywood!!!!! is there anything else to write about except for srk vs salman,,,,,, srk vs aamir,,,,, srk vs Hrithik??? and amazingly 80% of the time one side of the story is shahrukh khan! LOOOOL meaning what?he’s too big to be ignored for a second…. love him or hate him you never can ignore him,
    let ra one release and later we will discuss about how much of the expectations about the movie were met. so far the music and the promos ROCK and this doesn’t mean krish 3 is not good, they can both be good and do well in India but one thing is for sure… out side India there is absolutely NOOOOOOO WAY ANYONE COULD EVER BEAT SHAHRUKH in terms of the number of hearts he has conquered..

    • Amor

      Totally agree with you Tiana!!!

    • bon2luv

      tiana………darling,you deserve a kiss

    • Maddy

      AGREEDDDDDDDDDD! srk is the best!

  • Ashik

    kindly wait for Ra one release….then talk to fact.Hrithik cant touch SRK in his life. even Salman & Amir are just competable after Gajini & Dabang. before these filmsthere s no in map these 2 acters . Everybody trying to say against SRK. but the all Indians love him ( almost). lov srk..

  • Jiana

    SRK IS THE KING…who is hrithik? and he looks funny in tht mask

    • VISHAL


  • Demonoid


  • Amor

    If these websites and newspapers or any tabloid did not have Shahrukh to talk about, their business would definitely flop!!!
    I wonder if they did not notice that more they try to bring him down, the more he prospers!!
    He is BOLLYWOOD…without his charm, personality, sense of humor, and absolute talent.. there will only be crap in Bollywood and the industry would die!!!

  • Maalika Jameel

    I agree 100% with Dinesh–Maalika Jameel

  • babbig

    both are good but hrithik has always won whenever they were pitted against each other

  • renu

    hrithik is the the emperor

  • arvind

    even srk has acknowledged that HR is a better superhero than him



  • nikki

    difficult to choose as both are tops

  • Pranit

    Srk fans r jeolous on hrithik’s success…so they r trying 2 show srk is gr8….bt HR is real superhero….srk like makdee…ra one ll sure shot flop,take my words

  • chinmaya

    hrithik roshan is d best ,srk cant be cpmared to him

  • Samia

    HR has to born again to reach the position where SRK is now

  • ruby

    omg !!!!!!!!

    why should each n every article compares shahrukh with every actor?????? why DONT u compare hrithik with salmaan ,amir or any other actor.?????????????

    why do u compare every actor with SRK and write something bad abt him to show him down why?


    will u die if u dint compare SRK with any other actor.i m not just asking abt this article to all the lakhs of articles on net comparing SRK to other actors.this itself shows SRK is a beat actor and hrithik salmaan amir fans want their to beat SRK but tht will never happen no matter how many hits u deliver Shahrukh lives in the heart of billion people.





    • maddy

      Well said!

  • antares

    rakesh roshan bewakhuf hai.agar 2013 mein sold karta toh 60 crore zaroor miltay.hehehe

  • neel

    srk is the best…love u srk….

  • mam

    first of all you people in media are idiots .its not krrish 3.
    its krrish 2..the first one was called koi mil gaya 2003 & second one was krrish 2006 now its krrish how can it be krrish 3….idiots

    • karan

      @mam:ya u r right thit it should be krrish 2.but it is not. it is krrish is right at this point.roshans have named it krrish 3 because it is third part of koi..mik gaya series

  • max

    the thing about 3d is wrong.films which are shoted in 3d are better than which r converted from 2d.raone is shoted that wil b better than dish2 which wil b converted to a vfx i know these

  • prasri

    i dnt thnk dat a unidimenional movie will b better n as far as ra1 is concern i dnt thnk it will work because a super hero character is not suited to srk atall.

    • Ahmed

      There are always been some people like you who try to talk against SRK’s success and gain some hits..but it really doesn’t matter as long as HE(SRK) is the most successful and biggest star of the world..and can cope himself with any kind of genre of his get your answer more accurately after the release of Ra.One..Just be patient, wait & see..and also be prepared to find some other ground to prove the record of Ra.One is actually based on other stuffs but not SRK..stup..reckless people…

  • sophia

    best of luck to does useing both 3D and 2D

  • Ishan

    U can’t compare srk with hrithik, SRK is self made man and hrithik is always dependent on his father
    ” Papa papa film bana do”

    • sophia

      hrithik is best super hero and i dont know who are u ishaan u have no write to say anything about hrithik

      • vinod

        are ishan bhai madam nhi samjenge lekin srk the king khan ka coparision plz hritik se mat karo kyoki kaha raja bhoj[the don] aur kaha gangu

    • shahul

      sahi bola ishan tumare ghode nak sharuk se handsome hrithik ko compare kar nahi sake because srk is selfmade not made by his papa but hirithik is made by his papa only.

  • sophia

    hrithik is best i love u hrithik

  • sophia

    waiting for ur movie hrithik love u u dont need best of luck but i wanted to say u all the very best

  • patel

    true, just watch both the pics above, SRK’s face is too big in the super-hero suit. His body is tiny and a big head. hrithik is THE super-hero material

  • Mohammed

    Sophi, shahul pl tell me hrithik ke kitney picture hit hai. Dont campare with baadshah khan to ek din ka raja.

  • Ishan

    Hrithik itna bada ho gaya tab bhi apne baap ki ungali pakad k chalta hai, shahrukh ne apna stardom khud banaya hai, aur jo bhi Hrithik k fan hain wo jarur apne parents depedent honge..

  • Ishan

    Aur jitni bhi hit hain jyadatar uske baap ne banai hain

  • Ishan

    Twitter pe SRK aur Hhrithk k fan dekh lena, dono ki star power pata chal jayegi.

  • Ishan

    Nobody can beat Srk & Sallu

  • Kiran

    I think ra1 can beat krish.

  • Ishan

    I agree with u kiran

  • prem

    chammak chalo

  • deepak

    Srk sirf ek tarah ki film banata hairomantic dekh lena is me bhi superhero se zyada romance hoga lekin hrithik aamir type alag try karta hai aur jaha baap aur bete ki baat hai to acting to usko khud ki mehnat se hi karni padti hai na aur agar aaj shahrukh ka baap hota aur usko film banani hoti aur srk mana karta to wo kaha ka superhero

  • Ishan

    Srk has won 12 filmfare awards and hrithik has only 6 Bechara Baap ka dulara..

  • Ishan

    I challenge will beat Krrish 2 in terms of collection aur us din baat karna mujhse ki kaun bada star hai…

    • shahul

      Ishan bhai aur mohammed bahi ap dono keliye just not this (What really surprised us about that ambitious statement is that Krrish 3 has already broken all records in its selling price, reportedly an astronomical Rs37 crore for just the satellite rights) aur socho ok and skr industry me kab aya aur hrithik kab aya vo bhi socho aur ishan bhai sallu bhai ko south hit cinimas ko copy mat karne keliye boliye

  • vinod

    srk is the badshah and hritik is baccha abi bhi bournvita peeta hai

    • prasad

      aur tu abi bi ape maa ke dood peeta he

      • bela

        have you seen hrithik he is no bacha thats a man with great skills in acting spread across the board.
        srk works on his increasing ego while hrithik is a real actor

      • vinod

        mai to teri mummy ke dudh bi pi lunga bata kaha hai wo

        • prasad

          thu khali dood peeyega may kya karsakta he malum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

      • vinod

        mai to teri mummy ,behen ko ek sath chodung unki gand fad dunga chud ko kuea bana dunga sale

        • prasad

          kya vinod eisa situation bohut bar experience hua lagta he jao tumare dady se bolke tumara mummy aur behen ko hospital me barti karo gaxxx me stiching karao simple,eise gussa mat ho be coooolllll

  • Ishan

    Mark my words will be a Blockbuster & it will collect more than 250 crores worldwide…

  • babbig

    hrithik and krish 3 will beat all records

  • Mohamme

    Ra one collect easily 350 crore because first time in bollywood history a bollywood film release in hindi,telugu,tamil,malayalam,kanada languages on same day on oct 26. So be cool srk fans film will defnetly collected 350 crores. No body can reach him. Hrithil bolega papa papa film banadona.

  • Mohammed

    Hrithik kites film buyers loses 107crores. Biggest flop of hindi film history. Srk ra one collected more than 350 crores. Biggest hit of film history. Because srk plan film dubbed in othser lsnguages also.

  • Mohammed

    Shahul bhai ye aap ke liye ra one already selling to reliance at 200 crores and don 2 selling 150 crores.

    • shahul

      Mohammed bhai re one is ready for release and krish 3 is still in shooting. so just think the situation when it is going to be released.

    • phoenix

      I thinl hrithik is true intermational star wid international looks,acting skills and variety of stuff he do Salman is hit due to his fan base else acting he had forgotten long back :D Srk and salman are like daddy for hrithik came 10 to 15 years back

  • Mohammed

    Shahul bhai sallu bhai ko aap jaa ke batana aur jane se pehle ambulence lekar jana. Hrithik ko kehna thoda acting karle kab tak baap ka ungli pakad kar chalega.

    • babbig

      hrithik is the biggest because he is the best.why couldnt rajendra k,manoj k,devanand, make their sons big stars .

      • shahmamood

        no one can beat king khan
        he is the best and he is going to be best for ever
        and ra one will beat all 2011 movies

        • fuad

          shahrukh khan is the best ever
          ra one is going to a good movie
          maybe krrish 3 will be the second

  • Ishan

    Nobody I Mean Nobody can Beat SRK. will break all records made by 3 idiots, Bodyguard, Dabangg..

    • shahul

      Mohammed bhai to ap hrithik ko acting sikhayega ap thoda sallu bhai aur hrithik ka awards deklo usaka papa acting & dancing nahi kar rehe he.

  • Ishan

    SRK has won 12 filmfare awards & hrithik has only 6

    • shishir

      Sharukh is in industry for 20 yrs and Hrithik for 10 . What kind of logic is that he have won more filmfare awards ??? If you have to compare them compare them in last decade when both of them where in race and when Hrithik has won most number of filmfare awards than anyone else.

  • Pranit

    Ra one dabang ka record bhi tod de na to srk ko salute…..uske liye salman jaise fans chahiye bhai…..aur srk itna hi original hai to krrish k baad raone nahi aati..copycat…..sirf papa k vajah se kuch nahi hota,acting bhi chahiye…guzarish dekhna fir bolna…HR n salman both r good bt not srk

  • Ishan

    Hrithik to khud sala copycat hai krissh hollywood film paycheck ki copy thi aaj jake kharid k lana paycheck ki dvd. SRK is the best u will know after

  • Ishan

    Aur gujaarish bahut badi flop thi

    • shahul

      srk ka flop list malum he ya nahi apko.

  • deepak

    acting ki baat ho rhi hai ishan bhai hit ya flop ki nhi aur waise bhi udaan ek no. movie thi magar flop ho gyi

  • Ishan

    Acting ki baat rahi to SRK is king of romance DDLJ aaj 15 saal se mumbai k maratha mandir mein chal rahi hai, Hrithik ki koi aisi movie hai?

  • Ishan

    SRK is a overseas star and has a huge fan following Worldwide, which nobody have.

  • Pranit

    Ye ishan itna srk srk kyu kar raha hai yar,koi relation mai hai kya….awards,remake aur ye wo paka raha hai.srk k overceas mai fan hai to waha jaye yar yaha pe kyu ruka hai,ddlj ki baat hai to tujhe bata du,ek hi show chalu tha,aadhi public hoti thi,wo bhi nahi isko picture chalna nahi rakhna kehte hai.flop ki baat hai srk ki flop list HR se jyada hi hai,sirf wahi baar baar romantic haklana k….k …kiran,raone me to wo makdee lag raha hai

  • Ishan

    Oye Sach kah raha hun to gand jal rahi hai wo haklata hai kuch bhi karta hai, par Superstar hai, Hrithik ko ek Janm aur lena padega us jaisa banne k liye, Aur Twitter k bare mein pata ho to wahan pe SRK aur hrithik k fan check kar lena pata chal jayega kiske fan jyada hai..

  • Ishan

    Hrithik ki Agneepath Flop hai, Bahut badi flop hai

  • Ishan

    Is Diwali Blockbuster hogi aur tum SRK haters ki Gaand Jalegi…

  • Ishan

    Jab hrithik ande mein se nikala bhi nahin tha, tab se SRK is line mein superstar hai..

  • Ishan

    Hrithik k baap ne film banai to chal nikla, SRK jaisa struggle karta to gaand phat jaati… TUM GAANDUON KITNA BHI BHONK LO IS DIWALI RA.ONE KA ROCKET TUMHARI GAAND K PAAR HOGA…

  • Mohammed

    Pranit aur shahul bhai hrithik ki flop list dekhana srk se jyada hai. Hrithik ke char picture hit hai, wo bhi papa ke teen aur ek dhoom2 isme juniar bachan aur uday chopra hai. Solp mein ek bhi hit nahi.

    • shahul

      mohammed to ap dono ka flop list batavo.

  • Mohammed

    Yeh shishir kuan paagal lag raha hai. Srk film industry mein 1992 aaya hai aur hrithik 1998 mein.

  • Ram

    Recently Oxford Dictionary Introduced New Meaning Of Two Words
    King = Shah Rukh khan …

    • shareef

      ram that is not king, read well and add fu to king.

      • shareef

        and king is salman.

    • srk

      Ram Tere gand me bomb,

  • idrees

    hrithik srk ka juti ka braber bi nai hia.srk is srk.laken salman ka mukabila man kuch nai hai.

    • deepak

      Ishan bhai aaj srk or hrithik ke beech me comparision kar rhe hai aap jabki hrithik kab aaya hai aur srk kab fir bhi dono ke beech me comparision ho rha hai matlab jo srk 20 saal me kar paya wo hrithik ne 10 saal me hi kar liya

  • Ishan

    Nahin deepak main logon ko dhyan dila raha hun ki SRK aaj jahan hai wahan pahuchne mein hrithik ko salon lag jayenge.. Aaj bhi jab main kisi videshi se SRK k baare mein poochta hun wo kahte hain ” ya i have seen his movies he is a good actor” when askd about hrithik ” who is he ?”

    • prasad

      shayad ishan bhai tu kisi african se poocha hoga isliye vise bataya kyoki africans ko arican jaise admi pasand ayega aur unke hi movies chelte he. hansome and smart admi ko pasand nahi karega.

    • deepak

      Ishan bhai srk ko sirf videshi hi jaan sakte hai kyunki wo videshi hi hai aur hrithik asli indian hai

  • Ishan

    Handsome aur hrithik? Achha joke hai usse kahin jyada smart salman khan, ranbir kapoor, imran khan, emran hashmi & SRK hain..

  • Ishan

    Mujhe pata hai tum srk haters bhi dekhne jaoge aur tumhe film pasand aayegi, phir dekh k kahoge…”kya yar bakwas film thi” par ismein tumhari galti nahin hai SRK hai hi itna popular ki sab jalte hain.

  • Pranit

    Abe ishan fat gayi kya….ab kucch mila nahi to salman ka sahara le raha hai kya,,agar hrithik tujhe handsom nahi lagta to tu kaisa hoga ye sochne ki jarurat nahi

  • Pranit

    Srk ko videsh me sab pehchante hai to wo waha jaye yar,ye india hai aur indians sabse uper hai,tu kya videshi hai kya

  • Ishan

    Bhosadi k pranit itna bata dun hrithik se jyada sundar mera lund hai samjha beta baap se jyada nahin bolte.

  • Pranit

    Ishan randi ki aulad,jyada bol mat,teri maa chudane ko time nahi lagega samjha kya,padosi ki aulad,sale dhil de raha hu to dhil le,teri maa chudwa srk se,bhosadike

  • sachin gole

    movi download

  • Ishan

    Chudwa apni maa, bahan hrithik se wo hansome hai na

  • babbig

    vulgar language cannot make srk the best.hrithik is the gr8est despite being 10 yrs junior

  • mini

    no one can touch hrithik

  • bobby

    hrithik and only HRITHIK

  • kusum

    none better than hrithik

  • devi

    hrithik is the better Superhero

  • AB

    Hrithik has all the quality to be the best superstar he has done all the roles.In India Hrithik made 1st bollywood sci-fi movie(Koi mil gaya)and 1st Superhero movie (Krrish) both were blockbusters.Dhoom 2 & KNPH was blockbuster.And ZNMD was Superhit and jodha Akbar & mission kashmir was hits.So, stop comparing him with the so called King Khan.

  • asad khan nasar


  • asad khan nasar

    srk ko tm log pasand q nai kartha salay kotha tara gand main doooooooooooooooooooooo or barwa ki awolad kamena kutha tm sub ko bombu dooooooooooooooo and srk is the king of the world.

  • asad khan nasar is the number one super hero film in the world or tm logo k gand main thakleep o rahi a salaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.:D

  • Salman nasar

    salman or hrithiq roshan ki gand ma do tumara gand ma b do jo srk ko pasand nai kartha barwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa or thara koos ma dooooooooooooo.

  • pooja

    Hrithik is a better superhero and definitely looks the part too. Look at the posters side by side. Srk looks ridiculous. What kind of superhero is 50 years old? Srk is all photoshopped even his eyes turned blue. Hrithik is the real deal here and a much better actor. Srk just has his overrated self and star power. Hrithik is talented in acting,dancing,and is effortless. He doesn’t need to do much to look the part of any role he plays.

  • sadique afzal

    hrithk is best

  • sadique afzal

    hritik is real superhero frnds Shahrukh too super hero all about this hritik is complete actor as a dancer actor singer stunter

  • Ishan

    26 october tak ruko beta, jab diwali par release hogi aur tum srk haters ki gaand jalegi tab baat karenge…

  • vaibhav

    srk is a busted rascals and ra one becomes soperflop and salman akshay hrithik rocks

  • Rajesh

    Only at this time, Hritik is real superhero. Height of All khan is not like a Hero, they are all half ticket, 1/2, Butler……

  • Rethi

    wow hrthik you are going to beat all heroes
    great movie AGNEEPATH

  • ANIL

    Hrithik Roshan is the biggest acter in bollywood.
    Hrithik is no.1 in all actor