How did Katrina Kaif manage to injure herself?

The babe was recently spotted at a book launch along with director Prakash Jha. As she unveiled the book Raajneeti –The Film and Beyond and posed for the shutterbugs, we couldn’t help but notice the bandaged wound on her left leg

The only possibility hovering in our minds at the moment is that Katrina Kaif must have got hurt while shooting for Yash Raj’s untitled film with Shahrukh Khan. Just a couple of days back she was spotted at the Mumbai Airport along with King Khan, returning from London after wrapping up the shoot. So what happened, did she trip while doing one of those uber romantic scenes in a typical larger-than life Yash Raj shot or did King Khan’s charm unnerve her to such an extent that she met with an accident.

At the airport, Kat covered herself up in baggy track pants, we wonder what made her discontinue her concealing act and flaunt the gash. We guess it’s an attempt to show people how hardworking she is or maybe she’s simply trying to convey that ‘look at me, I am such a toughie’. Now there’s no denying that you are an efficient chick Kat, but trying to imply that through your injuries, well, we call that ‘being pompous’…