Posted Tue, January 21, 2014 4:10pm IST

The Ragini MMS 2 babe was happy as Bollywood’s Dabangg Khan indulged in some fun antics on stage with her

Salman Khan and Sunny Leone together on a stage at the recently held Star Guild Awards got everybody talking. The Jai Ho star and Jackpot heroine indulged in some fun activities on stage. Hold your thoughts, we ain’t suggesting anything dirty, but yes Sallu was very very naughty.While the stage was being fixed for the next act, Mr Khan decided to utilise this free time for an act. So he decided to challenge the adult star to some time-pass on stage. The quick thinking Ms Leone must have watched the Dus Ka Dum actor’s popular show, she decided to teach him how to drape a saree. A rare sight it must have been for Sunny fans too. While she wasn’t very successful in this task of teaching the Wanted actor, he was happy to help her.

Sallu later wen on to add, “Kya kamaal ka stunt kiya hai aapne. Jaise sari pehenane mein madat ki, sari utarne mein bhi madat karoon.” (What and amazing stunt you have performed. Like I helped you drape the saree, should I also help you undo it?). Sunny turned pink when she heard SK’s request. And she was a complete sport, Sunny replied, “It’ll be my dream come true.”

We’re sure there would be a million others who would like to enter Salman and Sunny’s shoes.