How did Ranveer Singh become Varun for Lootera? – Watch making

Look how the restless actor was asked to mellow down – in terms of looks, acting, et al – for this period drama!

For Ranveer Singh, it was quite a challenging task to enact Varun in Vikramaditya Motwane’s Lootera considering he has only played young, energetic and full-of-life roles so far on screen. Singh, who’s known for his bubbly self, apparently had to undergo some sort of transformation to play the character. The period film demanded the actor to emote through his eyes.

Vikramaditya Motwane, in this video of the making, reveals, “Varun’s quiet, brooding and intense yet charming, and has a rugged, simpler, plainer and classic kind of period looks, something which suits Ranveer who hasn’t been too loud but at the same time not too subtle either. There were two distinct looks that we had in the first half: one was the morning look which was the slick back-hair which he does go to work with but because he worked for the entire day, it becomes all floppy which becomes the other look.”

Costume designer Subarna Ray Chaudhuri says, “Ranveer’s look is very muted, earthy and dull. We have given him cotton, Lenin, washed-out colours and corduroy pants. We’ve tried use some simple neck T-shirts stuck in and wore with high-waist pants with leather suspenders. He’s also sporting formal shirts with half and full sleeves.” Motwane adds, “With combed hair, Ranveer looks like a different person and with floppy hair he looks completely different and with stubble, he looks different. For an actor to have that kind of face and quality where one small change in the making could create a big difference in terms of personality in what you’re trying to do – going from a good boy to a naughty boy, Ranveer carried it off very well.”

Lootera looks like one big gamble Ranveer Singh has taken at this initial stage of his career. Do you think it will pay off? Watch the video and tell us BollywoodLifers!

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