How did Shahrukh Khan take away Salman Khan’s sleep?

SRK-Salman’s rivalry and then the hug at an Iftar party is stale goss. Here’s how Shahrukh took away Salman’s sleep

Salman Khan has revealed a big secret on his reality show, Bigg Boss. The actor was talking about the contestants who snores the loudest in the glass-walled house when he told the viewers something about Shahrukh Khan, which took everyone by surprise.

Sallu said, “While shooting for Karan Arjun (1995), Shahrukh, Sohail, Bunty Walia, Sushil (a friend) and I were together in the room. Shahrukh dozed off and started snoring. At first, we found it funny and started to laugh. But at about 3 am, we wondered what to do. We then slowly pushed him off the bed. He woke up, lost his sleep and we ended up sleeping really well.” LOL!

Now that Salman has spilled the beans on SRK, we wonder if Shahrukh too will reveal one of Salman’s secrets! Let’s wait and watch the fun…